Monday, 10 September 2007

Grouse Louse

I had that "deer in the headlight" feeling. You know, when everyone looks at you simultaneously, awaiting your response, and you have nothing to say but "uhhh..." and of course, let's not forget that feeling of responsibility to say something sensible and upbeat and "expected." The question was "how are you enjoying life in Dundee?" and really, having been in Durban for all of two days at that stage, I wasn't relishing the idea of returning to Dundee. At all. And actually, when it comes down to it, I'm really not unhappy here. As you guys know already. I just really miss some things. As you know. But when all eyes are on you, and you get asked "how are you enjoying it?" suddenly you have to LOVE it here. Know what I mean? And really, I don't love it here everyday. So I shared with them how I don't love it here when I'm missing our family. Or when I have to unpack the dirty dishes from the kitchen sink in order to wash my face or brush my teeth. Or when I arrive home to find that wild dogs have attacked our rubbish bin to get to the trash in there, and scattered litter all over our garden. Or when the cows have chomped my newly purchased plants. Or when ants devour my sugar. From inside a sealed tupperware container, the buggers! But generally speaking, I do quite like it here. It's only when people ask me how I like it that I really give some thought to it. And if you know me, then you know that if you ask me a direct question, I'll give you a direct answer. Whether or not you like the answer you're going to get. Even when I'm feeling the pressure to say something other than what I'm really feeling.
But afterwards, on the long trip back home to Dundee, I got thinking about our life here in the bush and what a poor picture I painted of it, to my friends. It feels like I'm always complaining about something or other. Like the blinking chickens. Or the plumbing. Or the cows. It seems I've become quite a masterful moaner. Which is a bit icky, really. I don't like being pessimistic. Or a fishwife. I want to be upbeat and happy and content in my little place under the sun.
Granted, this little blog is my venting space. My place to unload. But what a grrrr stopping spot this would be for you guys if my blogs were all "woe is me" until the cows come home. [Snigger snigger! See, I'm already adopting bush phrases and all!]
But, no matter how flat you roll a pancake, there's still two sides to it. (OK, so maybe you don't roll a pancake, but you get the gist of it!) The one side of my pancake is all ants, plumbing problems, cows n chickens. But the other side is delicious! It's waking up to gorgeous sunrises. The sounds of birds chirping. My hubby's laughter again. A great working environment. Lots of friends. And of course, now I have wireless. Ahhhh. Bliss!
So, guys, enough of the Grouse Louse. Chirpy Char is back. And ready for loads of Chit-Chatting. With pics.

P.S. I heard from our lawyer about the surrogacy... I will tell you about it tomorrow, after I've chatted with Marie-Jeanne.
P.P.S. Tomorrow there'll be pics of the weekend loaded. Promise. Wanted to load them today, but was sooooo busy with a deadline for tomorrow, had no time. And wanted to turn over my new leaf pancake online today. So, priorities, priorities. Tomorrow, ok?


Kelly said...

we would say "there are two sides to every coin."

we can't be totally happy all of the time, right?

there's a lot to be said for a happy husband!!

Much Ado said...

Look forward to seeing photos of your weekend, sounds like it was fun! About meeting up - It would be pretty cool if we could meet up in the future....who knows, it could work out!

Andria and Co. said...

I'm still waiting for that surrogacy update! :)