Thursday, 13 September 2007

A tale of my pigstails

I tend to be a bit of an instant gratification kinda girl. Combine that character trait with me being a hair-products whore and you’ll understand why it was SOOOO difficult for me to wait a couple of days before I could use my spiffy new hair products. See, what with our drippy no-pressure shower and all, using a deep moisturising conditioner is tantamount to pouring a bottle of oil on your head. So, since we moved here to Dundee, I haven't conditioned my hair at all! That's why, you can just imagine what torture it’s been for me to look at the nifty new jars of glooby sweet-smelling conditioners, treatments, etc. that I received from a friend who is an agent for A*von. (Luuurrrrve A*von products by the way! Yummy!) For a few days now, I’ve been waiting (im)patiently for our water pump to be installed so that I can put the shower pressure and my new hair goodies to the test. Imagine my excitement when I arrived home yesterday to find my hubby doing the jig in the bathroom. Water pressure is ON, baby! Really good water pressure! With steaming hot water too! Woot woot! It took all of my self-discipline not to hop into the shower on the spot! Instead, I waited until this morning. Ooooohhhhh baby! I can say, quite confidently too, that now I am officially squeaky clean. (Maybe even for the first time since we moved to the bush… Ew! I know!) So anyway, this morning I opened those jars of hair products. BOY OH BOY did I open them! And then I turned on that water. Lathered up, had a good steam, washed my hair, did a jig or two, sang a song or three… when my fingertips looked like raisins I decided that must be my cue to hop out. I couldn’t wait to blow-dry my newly-conditioned silky soft locks! The first time I’d used conditioner since my ill-fated attempt at showering on our first day in our hillbilly dump. I was buzzing with anxiety...
Well, it turns out that this is a tale of unrequited love. Sob! My spiffy new hair products don’t like me. This, my friends, is what my hair looks like:-
Grease galore!

Turns out less might be more, after all.


LaLa said...

You are cracking me up!! I am lucky to just get a shower these days so I will NOT be posting a pic of me LOL

Hope you figure it out : )

Melissa said...

Oh, i can totally relate. I cannot use those "intense moisture" kind of conditioners. My hair would be limp with grease if i did.

However, your shower sounds awesome!!! Enjoy!