Wednesday, 19 September 2007

The Waiting Game. Again.

It's The Waiting Game again. I phoned bunches of breeders for a kitty. Perhaps it's because we're a little fussy perculiar particular. Because we don't want any old cat. Nope. We want a Maine Coon. The biggest domestic cat on the globe, baby. With the nicest character. Who can blame us when they're just SO HANDSOME? Oh, you don't know what a Maine Coon looks like? OK, then. Here's a kitty. (Not ours... just a pic off the net.)

But you can't really see how big they become in that one... so here's a pic of a slightly older maine coon (about 6 months old):-

And, alas, that still doesn't do it justice cos it's not fully grown yet in that pic. So here's another pic:-

Still don't have a concept of it's size? Fine, here's another one:-

Awesome huh? What? You want to see some more? Oh alright. Seeing as you're twisting my arm so.

Now, tell me those aren't the most beautiful cats you've ever seen? Apparently you don't simply "order" one of these. You phone the breeders, they "screen" you! ahem ahem... and then if you're realllly lucky they'll add you to their waiting list. Well, I sweet-talked that lady's ears almost off of her head and she promptly (after about half an hour of chit-chat, long-distance too nogal!) added me to her waiting list. I'd love to tell you she was immediately enthralled with my charming personality but it was really only after I played my trump card that she added us to the list. (I told her we are a childless couple with a very empty home!) Wooo hooo! Seems this infertility is good for something! haha! We are currently fifth in the queue (jumped the long list and made the shortlist, dahhhling!) for a Maine Coon kitten, which we may only adopt at age 12 weeks (i.e. December some time). Seems we're destined to be waiting. Oh well. At least there's something good coming to us at the end of this wait! One Fat Cat, baby!
Oh, almost forgot to mention... These cats are friggin expensive! They start at about one thousand eight hundred ront and go all the way up to about two thousand five hundred ronts (depending on the breeder. Some breeders are greedier than others). Our kitty will cost two thousand smackaroos. Way to break my piggy bank! (That's about U.S. $260. I know! Madness!)


Heath said...

Cats look huge! (I don't like cats because of my allergies), but these look .... sweet I suppose. Hope your R2000 kitty doesn't go bush hunting and follow the Moon?
take care,

Hanlie said...

Char, that cat looks like a big dog! Oh my word, poor little Buttercup is not going to know what hit him. Good luck!

Zara said...

Whew...what an absolutely huge cat it is!!!

Alison Shiloh Wear said...

yowzas! those are big kitties. I, too, enjoy cats, but my body disagrees. I get sneezy and my eyes water around the felines, but I think they're good pets as long as they're aloof like many kitties

KarenO said...

Goodness me!! I am a total cat person, and those cats look like 3 in one, lol! I saw a Somali cat the other day, and they seem just as pretty. Not coming close to my Siamese though, she's one in a million :)