Monday, 18 February 2008

Funny bunny

Hooray, my blogger's up and running again! I missed you guys! c",) I was having nightmares of my entire blog being corrupted and never finding all of you again. Hooray, tis not so.

Had to share a funny story with you. My parents surprised Robin and I with a visit this past weekend, and they brought My Nephew Who I Love To Bits with them. He's a hoot. Four years old, going on twenty-seven, and absolutely LOVES being on the farm with us.
Anyhoo, yesterday morning I took my mom and Ethan into town so I could buy my mom her birthday present (it's her birthday on Thursday, for those of you who know her). The road into town is quite bumpy, but there's one patch that is particularly fierce. Ethan was standing on the back seat of the 4x4, looking out the rear window (I don't have a car seat for kiddies nor a seatbelt that doesn't choke him to near-death, unfortunately, so we spend most of the journey saying, "Ethan - please sit down, boy!" and then threatening him with all manner of terrible torture. His worst one (and therefore our most effective threat) is not being allowed to play with the other kids on the farm when we get home. As we were nearing this very bad patch of road I said-for-the-thousandth-time "Ethan, sit down, boy!" But by the time he reacted he were on top of the rumbles and potholes and all of us practically had the lice shaken off of us. I said to Ethan, "Careful, Ethan - it's very bumpy here." To which he replied "I know, my bum wants to fall off!"
Your bum and my boobs both!
Oh did we laugh.
And then, we were in town, in a shop called Clicks (a haberdashery store that sells almost anything, from kettles to nail varnish), which just happens to be one of my fave stores. My mom, Ethan and I were arbing up and down the aisles when Ethan spotted an indian family, all clothed in their traditional hijabs. I should have known he would say something out of place when he sidled up to the lady and peered up at her. Speaking loudly enough that everyone in aisles 3 to 18 could hear, he said "Granny, why is this lady dressed so funny? She looks just like a crook!"
Needless to say, this aunty disappeared faster than The Road Runner.


Andria and Co. said...

lol! what a cute little man!!!

Rita said...

glad you're feeling better

Aurette said...

That's my boy! Always puts his foot in it... wonder who he takes after.....?

Zar said...

What a good laugh!!! I have some similar stories to tell!

Kelly said...

4 is a fun age!

CC said...

Kids are a scream,never a dull moment. I am sure I could write a book of things my kids have said at the wrong time.