Monday, 4 February 2008

Like a duck to water

It hasn't been without some strategic complaining throwing a few tantrums feigning life threatening illness some much needed self-discipline that I've been swimming every day.
But, as is evident in picture below, once I'm in the water, I'm actually surprisingly happy.
Note to self - next time I must submerge my arms so that I can claim that it was the water warping the image and making me look fat.
And now for the grand total of what I swam last week!
Be prepared to be amazed.
Day 1: 6 lengths
Day 2: 8 lengths
Day 3: 12 lengths
Day 4: 14 lengths
Day 5: 14 lengths
Total: 54 lengths x 25 metres per length = 1350 metres, or 1.35 kilometres (that's about 0.83 miles or 1476.3 yards). Which basically means that I swam friggin far. With thanks in part to my newly acquired floating devices, a.k.a. Pammy and Dolly.
And then, yesterday I swam, wait for it, twenty lengths, y'all! Ta-wenty. Which means that last night I could enjoy a packet of Lays Sour Cream and Chives guiltfree. Well, almost. Seeing as I shouldn't really be eating rubbish when I'm on the Dragon Pills. Eish. It's hard enough just staying as "normal as possible" during the treatment cycle, without still avoiding all the yummy stuff. But, flingdingit, I may as well just knuckle down and look after myself properly, right? OK, so no more crisps. Sob!
No wonder these pills make you ratty.

P.S. Thanks everyone for your kind words to my previous post. That's what makes blogging so awesome. Comments = Opium of The Bloggers and all of that. Especially when they're from well-wishing people who are wearing a Been There Done That T-shirt. It means more than you know to have a few people sitting in the stands cheering us on. I will keep you all updated.


Meredith Teagarden said...

Swimming! I love to swim, but it is so terribly cold where I live, I can't imagine taking off my down coat to change into my suit anywhere, even in nice indoor pool. Homestly, I am thinking we need to move south in our country!

I am praying for you and will be everyday this month and the next two, when I sit down for my quiet time. You are often in my prayers and I hope with al of my heart that your dream to be a momma will become a reality.

And you do not look fat!

Rita said...

It was wonderful to hear from you. My thoughts are with you - positive fertility vibes, right? I did three rounds of Clomid. Be kind to yourself during this time.
And you look great in the water.

Zar said...

Quit saying you look fat, come to Canada and I'll show you fat! No offense to all Canadian bloggers who read this comment! Remember me and water!? I never get to swim, wish I could do it as often as you do! You are also in my heartfelt wake up at midnight needing to pray type of prayers! Love ya!