Thursday, 28 February 2008

working working *updated*

I was so looking forward to blogging. But I am sooooo busy at work today. I have to finish four pamphlets before this afternoon, advertising camps we have in June, as well as our conference facilities etc. And what with my pc being away for some tweaking, I was unable to work on them for a few days. Now my deadline is looming! yikes!
busy + coffeeless + dragon pills = grrrr
Anyway, I thought I'd show you the poster / pamphlets I'm working on. So, you see, I actually do work around here! Sometimes.

This is the cover:-

And the inside of the pamphlet:-

(You should be able to see it bigger if you click on it)

And in other news, my poor hubby is sick. And as you know, when men are sick, they evolve into babies. Please spare a thought or two for him.

Sick + wife on dragon pills + nobody else to commisserate = poor, sick, v unhappy hubby.


Praise and Coffee said...

Sorry about all the bummer stuff! Hope hubby gets better soon.

Great design!!!

Frenchie said...

Glad you're back!!

Hope hubby is better soon. You are so right. They do turn into babies. :0)

Hope the Dragon Pills treat you nicely this time around...

Kelly said...

nice flyer!

Katrin said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by on my blog. Since you left a comment, you didn't lurk, did you??? :)
I like those posters, did you make them "from scratch"?
Come over, any time you want - I am glad that you are interested in my bs! :)
Speaking of wonderful places - girl, you live in South Africa! Budapest must be a dusty heap of houses in comparison.

Ms. J said...

Found your blog by way of "Losing the Baby Wait". Just wanted to say that I was DEEPLY moved by your Feb. 24th post. Really and truly. I'm sure it was difficult to write/post -- and we both know it's even more difficult to feel. God Bless You.