Thursday, 21 February 2008


If you're not a tv watcher, this post might not interest you... In which case you won't know that there's been a Writer's Strike. And hence some of my fave shows are delayed. So I'm waiting.

So one of my all-time fave shows "Men In Trees" is on hiatus because of The Writer's Strike. I honestly never paid much attention to The Writers Strike, because, well, our tv still continued without interruption and I thought that by the time the strike ended, we'd have only been a month or two behind the USA shows. And now, as with all things African, we are waiting. And heaven knows when Men In Trees will be putting a smile on my dial again. Boo hoo... and it ended at such a crucial moment too - with Jack holding some flossie in his arms, on a lifeboat adrift at sea. Talk about a cliffhanger.
Almost as bad as when Veronica Mars' first season ended and you didn't know if she chose the badboy or the high school sweetheart. (Now I'm really revealing my penchant for all things frivolous and shallow, aren't I?)
But definitely my very most worstest totally blow-me-awayest ending to a season was the season finalé where NCIS Special Agent Todd (Sasha Alexander) got shot in the head. Robin and I both sat forward in our seats, waiting for a Dallas-type senario where It Was All Only A Very Bad Dream. But, alas, it wasn't. And now the series continues, minus Agent Todd. And me as a viewer. I was so angry they killed her off that I totally "boycotted" their show. And hence my hubby did too. Because I barter the remote for favours.
Oh, and now that I'm on a roll, remember Denny from Grey's? Why, oh why do they always let the good ones die?
At the moment I'm waiting for these shows to return:-
  • Smallville. Because, really, when last did you see such a hunk* ANYWHERE on planet earth?
  • Men In Trees. Jack! Jack! Oh wherefore art thou, Jack?
  • Survivor
  • The Amazing Race
  • American Idol or Idols the UK version
Let's hope none of those shows were affected by the Writers' Strike. Otherwise this lil couch potato's gonna start sprouting some spuds in the next few months waiting for her fave shows to return. Which is also just as well, because chances are I probably won't be sprouting anything of a Mini-Me nature.
The wait continues.

*Now there's a word you probably haven't heard since Noah was roaming the planet. I really need to brush up on my youngster vocab, lest I give away my geriatricness.


Heath said...

I have just finished an article for the Addie Chit chat(me: new editor) and I used this website for my research and all...
I did the article because I am so guilty of too much TV. Not judging here, but just thought others should do an audit too. [Hi, I am charl and I am a TVaholic according the quizz you can take on the website.]Charl

Praise and Coffee said...

Hey girl,
I have a question that I don't want to post and can't find your email. Will you drop me a note, my emails on my profile.

My name is Jo and this is me rambling on about my life. said...

Go back to watching NCIS it's strange in the beginning without Todd but it gets really intersting, I saw it here in Belgium...good really good. Talking about cliff hanger endings when we left SA Ed in Las Vegas just got shot and I had to wait till the end of last year to see a couple of the next episode and to know that he didn't die after all. For some strange reason that no one can explaine / understand they Belgian tv's ends shows mid series...

Kelly said...

you mean it is no longer cool to say 'hunk?' ha ha