Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Wait Schmait

My babe-dar has been pinging around one of my friends for like the past three months. I am convinced she's preggy. She hasn't put on major weight or anything like that. But I pick up preggovibes every time I'm near her. I eventually get to the point where I just can't resist anymore, so I wait until we're alone and then I ask her. And every time she has adamantly denied it, but I see the small smile linger around her mouth, and her eyes twinkle. And when she thinks nobody is looking, I've seen her hand rest on her (still flat-ish) belly. And then I wonder if I'm going totally cuckoo's or if she really IS pregnant and just doesn't want anyone to know yet...
Maybe I'm just totally lobsided in this department and hypersensitive about it. But I am totally obsessed with the marvel of it too. I think of her ALL. THE. TIME. I just know she's pregnant. And a few months along already.
And yet she still denies it.
It's driving me crazy.
As if I wasn't crazy enough to begin with.
It's probably the Dragon Pills' fault. That's my excuse and I'm sticking with it.
Speaking of which - are my n*pples supposed to be this sore on The Dragon Pills? Maybe it's a combo of having had some boob renovations, AND taking the pills? If any of you can relate, some advice would be much appreciated. Right now I wouldn't mind surgically removing them and putting them in a basket to carry around with me instead of having to grit my teeth when I'm walking. And, no, I'm almost sure I'm not pregnant, so don't go and leave comments saying that "you know you get sore boobs when you're preggy, don't you?" alright? Because I just know somebody's going to say that, and believe me, this body of mine is not telling me I'm preggy ok? So none of those comments please. I'm just saying.
At this stage in The Waiting Game, there's no Hoping. Just waiting. And obsessing about this friend of mine who I'm convinced is preggy and not telling anyone.
And going crazy.
Who ever thought that two weeks could take this long?


judy said...

Hi Char,
Keep obsessing over your friends state of Knock-up-ed-ness. It might be just what you need to keep your mind off of your own.
Excellent defence rock.

Andria and Co. said...

You know you get sore boobs when.... Just kidding.

I took Clomid, 100 mg a day. I was an emotional mess. Well, even more so than usual. After I stopped taking them, it was like my spirit would just "bottom-out". I think it was the combination of going off the med, coupled with the despair of the 2WW. Oh, and my fertility doctor had me on a cardboard diet. Seriously, the things I could eat- that's the way it tasted. Chicken, no soft cheeses, no caffeine except in the form of green tea. Blah.

Anonymous said...

Blogger is a pain isn't it? So, how's it going? I just said a prayer for you!!!! It's got to work!!! Hmmm....sore boobs was always my first hint.

Maria said...

I had the same situation with a friend of mine. She knew I was struggling ttc, and whenever we would talk she would ask me if I'm pregnant. She did this for about three months straight and it was really starting to drive me bonkers. I felt like she was asking me not because she wanted to know I was pregnant, but to be able to tell me she was. I think she didn't want to tell me when I was struggling that she was pregnant, but really wanted to share her good news. Eventually she told me when she was 13 weeks along. And I have to admit that I felt betrayed. I was open with her about ttc and she told me that her and her husband weren't going to start for a while. Which was a lie. Plus it hurt that she waited 13 weeks to tell me, when I was sharing with her all my struggles.

Not sure if any of that makes sense. But my point is, is that it's ok that you're trying to figure out whether or not she's pregnant.

Rita said...

My preg-dar has gotten a bit rusty. I missed one right under my nose and she grinned the whole time I'm told. It's the smug look that kills me. It's been happening a lot lately - I just want to avoid the girls in their 20s and 30s.
With my friends and acquaintances we call the sore nips - bullet tits/raspberries/party hats. ;-)
I had it too during Clomid. Sore bb and terrible nausea. Keep holding on.

Zar said...

I walk on thin ice here today, I don't stand in any position to say anything, just that I love you and I want you to have a baby, you deserve to have one more than anyboyd else I know, and that's what my dialogue with God about this whole thing is like.

Aurette said...

I think you must buy yourself a bra like Modonna.... metal with tassels..... hee hee... then you will be guaranteed that they won't be knocked or bumped. Your radar is always correct, so you don't have to wait to be told... you know... love you lots, you know that don't you....

Frenchie said...

My preggo-radar is always right on. I usually know when someone is going to GET pregnant, before they do...Ugh. Then people wait to tell me until they're like 3 months along. I hate it. Though, one did slip right under my nose a while back, so I think I must be distancing myself from my own inner radar. Perhaps I just don't want to know anymore. Hmm.

Hope the sore bbs actually mean something, but I know it can be a Clomid side effect, so I won't say it.