Friday, 15 February 2008

Back and This and That

Hello everyone. I feel like I am emerging from the very depths of the deepest pit today. The last two days have been horrible really. Not life destroying, or sad. I just felt weighed down with heaviness. My body was crampy. And tired. Oh, so very tired. Everything I did required monumental effort and even smiling took some doing. How awful. What a terrible waste of a few days.
The last two days reminded me why I hated the Dragon Pills so much and why I had decided that I would never use them again... and yet, here I am. I wonder what I was thinking to even contemplate trying again. Especially when I feel so bad on them. Oh well. I'll have to ride this cycle out. I still have two more months of pills... but, man, I don't know if I want to try again after this spell of feeling so crappy...
But, today I'm feeling better. I don't quite have my groove back, but at least my body isn't so crampy anymore. Ha-le-luuuuuu-jah! Oh, and I especially wanted to say THANK YOU to Rita for her short comment on my One Bad Post. You made me feel like I wasn't going mad at all. You reminded me that this isn't the real me. It's those blinking Dragon Pills. Thank you!!! You will never know how much that meant (means) to me. The other comments too, but that one really made me feel "sjoe! it's going to be ok." I'm so glad I met you! The Been There, Done That Club helps me so much.

And in other news, you will never believe who we saw yesterday. Go ahead, guess! Remember my kitty that ran away last year? We never did find out what had happened to her. And then, last night Robin and I were driving up our hillbilly driveway after our date, when the lights of our 4x4 landed on some eyes reflecting in the bushes. That's not a strange occurrence when you live in the bush, so we didn't get too excited about it. And then the lights fell on the animal again, and she was sitting in the driveway, about 200metres from the house. Robin and I both shouted "Moonie!" at the same time, and she darted into the bush. We didn't see her again, even though we walked up and down the road calling for her for about fifteen minutes. At least I know she's fat and happy. And hasn't been mauled by wild dogs or something. Just why she would choose to live in the bush and have to hunt for food etc. when she gets yummy food and a warm spot on our bed at home is beyond me. So, you see - The Hillbilly Syndrome strikes again. Even the cats aren't immune.
And on a totally different note - welcome back to the blogosphere Chrissy. I'm so glad you're blogging again.

And now I'm going to make myself an enormous cuppa coffee, because if my body's sending me the right messages, then this cycle definitely hasn't worked, and I can just as well enjoy a good cuppa in commiseration.

Sorry guys - I had links and photo's in the post, and it was nicely formatted, and then we had a power out and now blogger's giving me error messages... I'll try to fix this post later again.


prettythingsuk said...

Great news about Moonie! Will you go back and look for the mad hillbilly pussycat do you think?

Not entirely sure what the dragon pills is, something to do with fertility is what I gather...and don't have great side effects.

I hope they work and the effects die down soon. xx

Char said...

Hey Lynsuk! So nice to have you pop on by and leave a comment for me.

I don't know what to do about Moonie actually... I think she knows where we are, but I think she's forgotten us. We'll keep our eyes out for her and maybe walk around some more to see if we find her, but we don't want to scare the bejibbies out of her by grabbing her and forcing her to come back home...

And, wwwooooooaaah, baby, yes the Dragon Pills are fertility treatments. Instruments of Torture. c",)

Maria said...

I'm glad that today is a better day! Darn those horrible dragon pills.

How crazy and cool that you saw your cat again. I'm sure it was comforting to know she was alright and well fed. Maybe she was just dropping by to say hello.

Rita said...

Moonie came back to tell you something.
Glad you're through the rough patch. AS owl says to piglet during a rather blustery day, "Be brave little piglet, be brave!"

Rita said...

Oh Char! Thanks for the shout out!