Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Believe it or not - MORE showers of blessing!

Hold onto your seat folks. Robin and I drove down to Durban today (hence the no blogging for a few days - hectic preparations for meetings, painting the baby room, working inbetween paint sessions, more baby room preparations, and did I mention painting?...) and guess what happened tonight? ANOTHER Baby Shower! It's like a wonderful dream that I just don't want to wake up from!

And being a bit of a freebie whore, I was in "present heaven" tonight, unwrapping gift after gift after precious gift for our baby(ies).

What's that I just said? BabIES? Woot woot! Yes, babies. It looks like we might be getting the little boy after all. And probably a whole lot sooner than we thought too. The mom (oh, my heart just breaks for her!) has requested a week to just gather all her ducks and get them into a row, and then we shall start proceedings for the adoption. OH MY WORD! I'm going to be a Mom to TWO CHILLENS! Robin and I are totally over the moon. He tells me I'm the cow that jumped over the moon. You know - Hey Diddle Diddle, the cat and the fiddle?... Yup, that one. What. Eh. Va. I'm so going to be a Mommy soon! Yay!

Bring it on.

So, I thought I'd share a few pics of tonight with you guys. I didn't even bother doing a tally of all the gorgeous gifts we got tonight. We got TONS of gorgeous thingies for the baby(ies). Loooooots of pink. We're going to have to use all the vouchers and dosh we got to stock up on little boy clothes (especially from 3-6 months and older, because he's 2 months old right now). Our vet (we're quite good friends with him after all our pet palavas) and one of his office ladies named Dee, got us a whole bakkieload of boy things! And I mean a WHOLE bakkieload. They even bought us 120 nappies. And they're getting us a baby-bath, and another pram and and and...! I mean??? What planet is this that we're living on that people are SO generous? I keep telling you guys how totally bowled away we are by the generosity of people, but until you could see all the things we've been given, there's no way you could fathom how humble it's made me feel. Wow. God really does have a thousand ways of providing for us of which we know nothing.

Now for some pics. First, some pics of the Baby Shower in Dundee this week ... and then some pics of the Baby Shower tonight here in Durbs. I'll put one or two pics here too, but click on the links if you want to see more.

Tomorrow morning early, we have doctors appointments with Lindsay (and Victor will come along too) for a standard pre-natal checkup. Afterwards we're taking them out for tea somewhere nice, then heading back home to the semi-newly-painted Hillbilly Dump. (And then I'll post some pics of the nursery! yay!)

Seriously, could life get any better than this?


Andria and Co. said...

All I can say is, God? He's goooooood.

Ms. J said...

I am SO loving your crown!!!!

Did you talk with Lindsay & Victor about the two baby thing? (I hope I didn't miss a post on that).

Will miss you while you're away :o(

Alison Shiloh Wear said...

Many congratulations, Char!

Strawberry_Lamb said...

I love it. Oh this is amazing. I can't wait until you hold your "TWO CHILLENS" in your arms ... yeah... your blog is going to be my next best thing to shopping soon ...
Have an awesome day, God has your family in the palm of his hands.
Cheerio, Karen

Kelly said...

Yay! this is so great.