Sunday, 4 May 2008

The dust is settling

Did you know that sawdust is like totally funky? Seriously. It creaps in EVERY. FREAKING. WHERE. Thank Heavens my maid is coming tomorrow! Hopefully by then we'll be finished building cupboards for the nursery. Then it will just be paint fumes. And hey! Who minds a little bit of a paintfumeinducedhigh every now and again, right? It might even help me to get a little bit of sleep before Jesse-Lee arrives home.


Ms. J said...
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Ms. J said...

Hey Char -- you and me both, eh?! We're like madwomen right now, rushing around! The bedroom next to ours reeks of the latest coat of applied paint, and there are a bunch of boxes in our living room containing stuff from IKEA that needs to be assembled (her bed, dresser, toy chest), as well as her car seat, stroller, and the rocker. LOL. For a lil' person they sure need lots of stuff, eh?!