Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Crazy Confucious

Well, you will NEVER BELIEVE what's happened now. Seriously. Are you sitting down? (If any of you take medication to regulate your heart, now would be a good time to pop a few of them.) I get the shivers when I even think of it.

Last night I got a phonecall from a friend of ours in Durban, who happens to be a pastor. Long story short, an extended family member of his is putting her 2-month old son up for adoption, and they want Robin and I to adopt him!!! I know! How crazy is that? I mean, talk about sending us on a tailspin! Needless to say, we are totally hooky-kooky right now. Of course we WANT him... but can we afford another baby at the same time? I don't know... my wallet says no. My heart says yes. Then again, I'm thinking... Maybe I could sell a kidney or two... just kidding. I'm going to need them if my gazookas will ever produce some milk.

I am at a loss for words. And you all know how seldom that happens to me. I'm asking God questions like, "OK, are You serious? Is this even Your doing? Are you preparing us for something? Is it possible that the adoption of Jesse-Lee might fall through and that You're getting us ready to consider other babies? Or is it simply that You think we need two babies at once? Is this Your will? What would You like us to do?" Gawsh. I am totally gaga right now. Speechless. (Well, apparently, from the length of this paragraph so far, maybe I'm not as speechless as I thought!)

There is so much more to consider than JUST money. Of course. But actually, if I were Rockerfella, I'd adopt both. Without blinking an eyelid. Dang, I'd adopt all of China's orphans too. (Which just goes to show that in my previous life I was Angelina. Just kidding. I don't believe in reincarnation. Although, I have always secretly thought that I was destined to be rich and famous. Maybe I was the milkman's child?) Unfortunately I'm NOT Rockerfella. I'm the other fella. Which sucks when I'm eyeing a particularly nifty pair of shoes. Or contemplating whether or not it would be wise to adopt the little boy right now too...

So, you guys really need to stop praying that God will give us children ok? haha. Seriously. Sort-of. Gawsh. What are we going to do??? Please pray with us for God's guidance ok? My heart is going to land up killing me here. Too much going on. Too much.

Just call me Confucious.


Kelly said...

My mom always said that if people waited until they could afford children, they wouldn't have them. It would be a lot of work and expense, but they would have each other as play mates. It's a big decision---I'll pray that God gives you the answer soon.

HANLIE said...

I totally agree with Kelly. We would never have kids until we wait until we think we can afford it. Go for it Char. Sell your caravan _ would give you a great cash boost

Carla said...

oh gosh! That is exciting. You are right, so many other things to think about along with the financial aspects of it. I will be praying for you (and for you to have children....). ;)

Frenchie said...

Hi Char! This is huge. Take deep breaths. I know I know I know...babies are expensive. But I can't help but think there are bigger things at play here. No one can tell you what to do--only you and Robin can decide what is right. I'll be praying for you for Clarity.

Yvette said...

Wonders never cease! Congratulations and good luck!

Cheryl Wray said...

Oh my goodness....I haven't by here in a few weeks and just LOOK at what's going on. i didn't know you all had a baby finally coming your way. So exciting, and congratulations!!!

I am with Kelly. I love kids and if I had known what an absolute joy they were, I would have planned better and had at least one or two more closer together. And the truth is, there is never enough money. But God makes it work!

But that is a huge decision, so I will be praying that everything will work out the way it needs to.

Meredith Teagarden said...


Oh MY goodness!! I am going to really be praying for you...or is this the answer to all of the prayers that God has heard on your behalf?

We never could have afforded our children if we would have used an ounce of worldly wisdom. No financial planner in the world would have thought we should have ever even attempted it! Sometimes I have a moment of concern because we have spent our resources on having children, but thenI think no matter how things end with oyur money, I have the most precious things in the world anyhow.

I pray you will have wisdom and resources and unity for your decision!

The first year may be a little challenging, but they will be wonderful together!

Geoff and Caron said...

An instant family! Yippee! Almost like having twins, lol. This sounds to me like answered prayer.
Don't worry too much about the money. You have almost all you need for one baby ... you can use it all for two! You may need a double buggy ... and another cot ... but even the clothes you would be able to recycle nicely! So ... if you and Robin can handly two ... be brave and make your family complete.
Lots of love,

My Goodness said...

Wow! :)
I think it's wonderful...and if it's God's will, then it will be smooth sailing for you to have both of them.

A double blessing...wow!

Carlykins said...

Go for it! Never know how long you will have to wait for another munchkin to come around. Amen to the playmate thing. It will all seriously work out.

Ms. J said...

Would you be allowed, legally, to do both?

Would Jesse-Lee's bio parents be okay with it?

If YES to both . . . THEN GO FOR IT!

You have a VERY strong faith, and I know God would see you and Robin through it.

Heath said...

That is amazing! Go forward with your heart and if it is not meant to be, God will close the door.