Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Not home yet...

... but I thought I'd load some almost finished nursery pics. We still need to put up the dado rail on the walls, and put up the new curtains, and the cott bumper etc. But for now, if little Jesse-Lee is born early, we are READY! Things that still need doing:-

  • Robin needs to build another cott for our little boy (he made the one in the pics - isn't he just totally gorgeous and irresistable?)

  • I need to make another baby mobile that's not as feminine (I made the one in the pics)
  • I need to sew roman blinds and new curtains for the two windows, and make a slip cover for the window seat (not in the pics yet), as well as a funky scatter cushion for in the rocker.
  • I need to put another coat of paint on the refurbished rocker's arms, the bookshelf and the sidetable. LOADS of fun! Wouldn't mind someone would pay me to do it though!
  • We need to put up the dado rail that goes around the room as the "divider" between the green and the blue, and then give it two coats of paint.

But, if our kiddies were to arrive tomorrow, we'd be ok. Which takes a weight off my shoulders. Which is also just as well, because right now I'm still stiff from all the armbreaking labour of painting those blinking walls!


Andria and Co. said...

Char, that's such a gorgeous room!

Melissa said...

Love it! Absolutely beautiful!!!

Carla said...


though I do agree you need some "less feminine" items in there. Soon enough you'll have dolls and firetrucks, and race cars and doll houses, and then barbies and star wars! ;) OOOOOH how fun!

Hanlie said...

Hi Char, the room looks beautiful. I think you and your paint brushes should come visit me...
How exciting, two little bundles of joy coming your way. It will be hard, but so worth it! Do you have a name for the boy? Can you believe how suddenly all of this has happened?

My Goodness said...

What a wonderful room!! :)
Oh,'ll be a mommy before you know it! Wow! Praise God!

JamieD said...

Oh my gosh!! It looks amazing!! And to think you both have done it all yourself and in such a short amount of time. I am so excited for you!!

Heath said...

Looks super!
Time is ticking before the little pink feet arrive! so exciting!

Kelly said...

You two are a talented pair!

MLO said...

Wow! I'm down with the flu and unable to check blogs only to find upon returning that you are getting two children! I'm so excited for you!

BTW: Bees aren't feminine or masculine! So, you are doing just fine.

Rita said...

Will you renovate my house? Seriously, you are very very talented. And I'm craving cup cakes now.
I am so happy for you. You have waited for your turn to bask in the glow of motherhood - you have waited and although you were sometimes sad, you never gave up hope.
Sending you loads of positive vibes

Irritable Mother said...

The room looks fabulous!!!
I am so happy for you.
A baby boy and a baby girl.