Friday, 23 May 2008


Gawsh, sorry guys. I was totally AWOL for a few days. Robin and I were down in Durban for the next doctor's appointments with the birthmom and we landed up staying longer than we expected... Remind me never to go to Durban for a day, expecting to return that afternoon and then having to sleep over and not even have a spare change of rods with for the next day. Mmm... Not too pleasantsmelling. We went and bought some underwear, and a toothbrush each... luckily we had forgotten some clothes at my inlaws' home the previous time we slept over, so we each had a fresh shirt to wear. Needless to say, I have learned my lesson. And so have my nostrils.


But we have BRILLIANT news. Bril. Liant. I am soooo excited. OK, so the baby is breach. Which means that I won't be the cheerleading team in the delivery room anymore, because the birthmom will now be having a caesarian section next Friday the 30th of May! Never have I been SO happy to get bad news before. I'm blaming my nerves for this one. I was so relieved that I wouldn't have to be shouting "push! push! hee hee! hoo hoo! push! breathe!" that I almost broke out into a moonwalk accross the doctor's rooms when she said that there's no chance for normal delivery.

Which just goes to show that I still haven't quite outgrown my penchant for 80s music.

Also, big bonus: now we also have a definite date for Jesse-Lee's birth too! Which means that Robin and I won't have to accumulate a few speeding tickets as we drive down from Dundee to Durban when Lindsay goes into labour. (If Jesse-Lee had arrived prem, of course). AND, Lindsay doesn't want to have an epidural, so, at this stage it looks like she will go under general anaesthetic, so she will sleep through the "birth" and not even hear Jesse-Lee's first cries! Of course, that's not entirely certain yet, but at this stage, it sounds like that is the plan.

Seriously, if all my wishes keep coming true like this, I might be winning the lotto soon at this rate.

On with the good news. OK, so now Jesse-Lee is arriving next Friday. I will obviously be in the surgery with the birthmom (Lindsay). I will then accompany little Jesse-Lee from the moment she's born onwards. Which means that I will be sleeping in the hospital's nursery like all the other moms until we get the "get out of jail free card" and can come home. Lindsay will be in the post-operative recovery ward, not in the moms ward. Our official adoption date is Monday the 2nd of June at 14h00 South Africa time. By then, little Jesse-Lee will have her birth certificate, and all relevant parties will be required to appear in court for the redtape and paperwork to be completed. THEN, I get to come home with my baby! Yay!!!!! MY baby! I am so excited. Of course they get 60 days after the courtdate to reconsider, but they really aren't in any position to reconsider. They live in shocking circumstances of poverty, and right now there is no way they can possible rethink their decision to place the little girl for adoption. Which makes me feel very relieved, obviously, but sort of like a bit of a scavenger for being so happy that they can't keep her! That's the nature of adoption though, so I mustn't dwell on it.

Other good news: our police clearance has been sent to us and we will be in possession of the certificates tomorrow morning already! How good is God? I just stand back in amazement when I see the doors swinging so wide open for us all the time. Every time we have taken something relevant to the adoption to Him in prayer, He has opened the doors for us. I have NO doubts whatsoever that this little baby was intended for our family. Every day we are seeing answers to our prayers and I just praise Him every step of the way. Wow.

What else do I have to share with you? My friend Charlene (sorry, my linky isn't working, but her blogaddress is: ) mailed me with a whole list of questions... So I better check that I haven't skipped anything!

About the little boy... Right now nothing is forthcoming. At the moment his mom (Michelle) knows that she needs to give him up for adoption, but just can't. Shame, it's heartbreaking! The poor woman. I can't imagine spending two months bonding with your baby after he's born, and nine months before that, and then having to make such a heartwrenching decision. So we are stepping back and allowing her to make her decision in her own time. And if she ever gets to the point where she's ready to be dealing with social workers, etc. then we'll get involved again. We haven't met her or the little boy, which is much better. We'll only meet her if she starts seriously pursuing adoption for him. For now, Robin and I don't really think that anything's going to come of it. But at this stage we aren't too heartbroken over it. We are trusting in God on this one too, and as soon as we know something more, of course, as usual, you'll be the first to know.

Because, as you all know, I am totally incapable to keeping anything from you. Not even my dirty clothes that I had to wear for two days in a row because we didn't pack an overnight bag.

I also got my galactogogues yesterday while we were in Durban and started popping dem pills immediately so that hopefully my boozies will produce some boob-juice by the time Jesse-Lee arrives! And - woot woot! - they are actually prescription tranquilizers that have lactation as a side-effect! So, guess who is sooooper doooooper relaxed today? No prizes for guessing correctly, guys. Hint: has super-hot boozies and wears stinky dirty clothes for two days in a row. Me thinks these galactogogues are going to be ranking right up there with cappuccinos and David Cook soon. Speaking of which, if my booty doesn't stop shaking from all the happiness soon, I might need to pop a few more galactogogues / tranquilizers to slow down and stop doing the happy-that-I'm-going-to-be-a-mommy-soon-and-happy-that-David-Cook-won-and-happy-that-I-am-wearing-clean-clothes-and-that-I-smell-good dance. Because at this rate, I'm going to shake something loose soon. And it probably won't be footloose either. Although it does fit into the fave-80s-tunes category.

Ok, I really need to go now because I'm starting to talk rubbish. I'm blaming the tranquilizers. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.


Heath said...

THANKS so MUCH for the updates!
Thinking of you, all the bestest,

My name is Jo and this is me rambling on about my life. said...

Hey we are totally thrilled for you guys and you must send photo's as soon as possible!

Ms. J said...

WOW -- you are just full of wonderful news! (People are gonna wanna rub up against YOU now, LOL!)

Seriously, Char, you deserve it! As my Dad has taken to saying to me, "It's about time you caught a break -- you've had enough heartache for one lifetime."

It's a holiday weekend here in the USA (Memorial Day is Monday, which is to honor our military members who have died in battle), but I will be busy doing more prep stuff for our pending Lil' Pumpkin.

JamieD said...

Thanks for the update!! You have been (and continue to be) so blessed!! I can't begin to tell you how good it makes me feel to read about your good fortune. Keep us in the know!

Anonymous said...

Ms. MAMA your tatas are going to be STUNNING with the galactagogues!!

Come Friday YOU'RE A MOMMY

Hanlie said...

CHAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Next week this time you and Rob are going to be PARENTS!!!!!!! YEAH!!!!

Candise said...

Hello! Found you blog-hopping and wanted to stop by and give a shout-out for adoptive breastfeeding...I did it successfully for a full year and loved every minute. Good luck...I'll stop by again!

Char said...

Hi Candise! Thanks for popping by. (Your blog is not open to uninvited people, so I couldn't return the favour though... dang.) But I just wanted to say thank you so much for your encouraging words. I'm so happy to hear that other adoptive moms have had good experiences with boob-juicing. It must be remnant disgust at my non-functioning baby-making-bits that creates a bit of an element of distrust in my own body, because I sort-of don't really expect the breastfeeding to work too well, so I already have a stash of formula lined up there. But, I am going to give it my very best and keep on at it for a good few weeks. Maybe my oxytocin will kick in and I'll produce a few drops of boob-juice in the end. So, hold those thumbs, toes and noses for me folks. I'm going to give it my very best!
Anyhoo... nice to meet you Candise. If you want, send me an invite for your blog! I'd love that. Hint hint. hehe... My email address is: charmaineupton at gmail dot com. Fanx.
And Ms J, I'm going to get a restraining order to keep you from rubbing up against me ok? hehe! Just kidding. I don't think South Africa has restraining orders. hehe. Now you're wondering if I'm not going to get one just because I don't think we have them hey? I'm so sneaky. Just kidding by the way. Happy Memorial Day for today! Hope you have a fun day with your family. And ice-cream. Have to have ice-cream on special days.