Friday, 9 May 2008

Showers of Blessing!

And all along I’ve really secretly thought I was quite a sharp bird. But clearly, I'm not as sharp as I thought. Which totally burst my I-Think-I'm-Pretty-Darn-Nifty bubble. But not without reward, I'll tell you that much!

Guess what happened last night? I've got to hand it to my friends, they're really quite a lot sneakier than I ever thought possible. They planned a whole big Baby Shower bash for me!!! And here's the most amazing part: they did it all without me ever getting a whiff of what was up! Now that’s what I call sneeeeeaaaaaky! (But you have to say it with the Jim Carrey "mask" accent, and then it's a total compliment in my vocab.) Yeah, sneeeeeaaaaky buggers! Pulled the wool right over my eyes.

On Monday evening, Cornia (the friend at who’s house the bash was held) invited me over to do some beadwork with her last night “for Mother’s Day gifts for the ladies at church.” Never one to turn down an opportunity to steal some other people’s crafty goodies do some fun arty fartsy things with my friends, I jumped at the opportunity. When I walked into her house I almost died of fright! Her entire lounge was full to the brim with church friends (ladies) and everyone starting blowing those funny squeaky things that make the sound of a duck in labour, and my heart just went and stopped on the spot! I was so totally caught off-guard! I don’t think I stopped smiling the whole night. I was so NOT expecting a party, leave alone a Baby Shower. I never thought I’d ever get to experience the joy of opening gifts for my baby!

Robin’s in for some competition by the way. Right now, she’s mine mine mine.

Almost nobody had heard about the little boy that we might be adopting, yet, (not many of us hillbillies have access to internet, so I have more friends in the computer who read my blog, than real live friends in real life who read my blog. Thus, they never knew of the developments with our Maybe Baby little Boy! We got so many beautiful gifts. Gorgeous, cuddly, fluffy, fun, practical, beautiful PINK gifts! Haha.

I don’t mind though. I wonder if he will mind if we dress him in pink? Just kidding. Then, again, pink is the new black, right? Then again, who’s going to go and dress their little baby in black? Oh well, there goes that theory then.

I’ll be showing you all some photos as soon as all my friends have emailed me the pics from their cameras.

In the meantime, here’s the list of all the things we were given! (last night and before, from friends and family):-


13 vests
5 church outfits, complete with stockings!
5 pairs of trousers
6 cute t-shirts
3 pairs of tights or stockings
8 pairs of leggings
2 jackets
6 pairs of slippers
2 pairs of little fur-lined boots
1 pair of crocs
8 pairs of socks
10 hats or beanies
2 denim dungaree sets with matching unders
26 baby grows! Ta-wenty six, people!
9 tracksuits
9 bibs
1 set of woollen gloves
2 skirts
3 dresses with matching unders
2 sets of pj's

Other items:
2 car seats, 1 pram, 1 cot(t), 1 campcot(t), 1 wooden rocking chair, 2 rattles, 2 pram toys, 3 tune toys, 1 jingly ball, 1 bouncy silicone ball with 'spikes', 10 baby hangers (for clothes, not babies!), 1 car "baby on board" sign, 1 big feeding chair, 1 portable feeding chair, 1 kangaroo pouch, 1 hiking backpack to put babe in when we walk long distances

Bathing & Baby-Bum-Changing goodies:

1 medical aid kit, 4 jars aqueous creams, 3 jars bum cream, 4 bottles baby powder, 3 bath gels, 3 baby shampoos, 2 Elizabeth Anne's Conditioning Baby Shampoos (which I could just eat, it smells so good!), 4 sets of floating plastic ducks, crocodiles, etc., 5 packs scented nappy refuse bags, 1 bottle Gripe Water, 2 bars of baby soap, 2 jars earbuds (I think you guys might call that Q-tips?), 2 sets of nail-clippers, 2 bottles baby lotion, 1 baby wash, 1 baby cologne, 1 baby oil gel, 1 speciality baby massage oil, 1 training set of toothbrushes from newborn through teething and onto teeth, 1 big pack of cotton wool, 4 packs of nappies size one, 2 packs of nappies size two, 1 nostril vacuum sucker thingy (ick! Robin will have to do that job!), 1 bath thermometre, 1 changing mat, 1 changing mat cover, 1 towel with hood, 1 fluffy towel, 1 nappy dispenser

Feeding equipment:

8 spoons, 7 feeding bows with lids, 2 sets of medicine feeding bottles, 2 large bottles, 2 small bottles, 1 formula storage cup with lid, 1 large bottle brush, 1 bottle drying rack, 1 bottle sterilizing bucket

Bedding, etc.

1 quilt, 1 quilted fleecy foldaway baby sleeping bag with built-in-pillow (handmade by a very special lady! Baie dankie Tannie Manda!), 19 blankets, 2 exquisite handmade crocheted / knitted blankets, 1 fleecy "elephant" cover with miniature hot-water-water-bottle, 1 mosquito net, 1 pillow, 1 cot(t) bumper, 2 picnic quilts

How spoilt are we? I am SO grateful for the generosity of our family and friends! There is no way on this little planet, that Robin and I ever have ever bought all of this ourselves. God knows a thousand ways of providing for us, of which we know nothing! I should have learnt to trust Him sooner! I am just SO amazed. I can't wait to post pics of the awesome party that my friends threw for me. It was SO much fun. I am so overwhelmed. (And you should believe me, otherwise I'm going to need to keep saying "SOOOO" over and over again! haha! As if I haven't said it enough in this paragraph. My vocab stinks when I'm happy. Hehe!)

But this post wouldn't be complete without me thanking two very special people, who made my surprise Baby Shower Bash so absolutely awesome! Lani and Cornia, I love you guys so much. (See, there I go with the "so's" again!) Thank you, thank you, thank you for spoiling me with the most beautiful Baby Shower Bash I've ever been to! I noticed all the details: from the exquisite chiffon ribbons; to the 'baby' glitter on the tables; to the handprints with all handwritten notes of love on them from everyone who attended; the baby photographs of everyone who came; the little Cinderella coach beside the cupcakes; even the handmade invitations you sent out, and thinking to set one aside for me too!; the time it took for everyone to get all dressed up as little girls at a party; the plates and plates of eats; the handmade decorations with teddies, and little nappies, dummies and ribbons. I noticed all of it, and especially the love that prompted you to do it all. Just for me. What did I ever do to deserve such amazing friends? Surely God has blessed me beyond measure. Thank you so much (you sneaky buggers)!


Ms. J said...

Holy Crap, Girl -- you really made out!!!

Can't wait to see all of your photos!!!

I have been taking photos of the gifts we have received to date -- it's it nice with digital cameras we can do such things, just to have the memories on file for later?!


JamieD said...

Oooooh . . . I love suprises!! How fun!!

Melissa said...

Oh, Char, i'm just so happy for you i could...well, something. How wonderful that your friends threw such a terrific, thoughtful, and generous party for you!!

Irritable Mother said...

Wow! I have just read through your posts and gotten caught up on your exciting life. Amazing!!!
Praying God will lead you to the right decision about this baby boy.
Love you,

Maria said...

So wonderful!! You have really amazing friends.

You guys got some great gifts, you're totally set!!