Sunday, 18 May 2008

Counting my chickens and babyclothes

Well, I certainly got my money's worth with those pills for my Stress Spots. (I should think so, at that price!) And I've even been sleeping too! Bonus! I need to get as many ZZZzzz's in now as possible, before the babies come home. It's min dae* now. Yay! In the meantime I've been keeping myself busy doing a stocktake of all the baby clothes. Yes, again. How anal am I? OK, don't answer that.

This is a portion of the clothes and bedding etc. that we have for the babies... I'm going to return all the duplicates we've been given, as well as any clothes that still have their tags on that I have enough of. Then I can also exchange it for more 'neutral' things that little boys AND girls can wear. Just in case everything falls into place for the little boy to becomes ours too. There are still a few questions there, so I'm not counting my chickens before they hatch. But at the same time I'm planning as if he is ours already. Hectic. All these "ifs" are going to drive me loopy.

For example, IF we get him, I am going to stop working at the end of this month already - yup, in two weeks time. If we don't get him, I'll probably carry on working, but flexi-time. Which would mean that I'd still be earning dosh, which we reallllly need, but if we get the two, there's no way I'll be able to juggle two babies and work. Not to mention sleep! So, I'll sort-of have to stop working. Which actually suits me fine, what with my lazy, unambitious tendencies and all. Not that I'm going to get much rest, but frik!, I've been waiting my whole life to become a mommy, so nothing is going to stop me from enjoying every financially bankrupt, sleepless moment along the way!

I laugh in the face of danger, y'all.

I must tell you about something though that just shows me all over again that God has His finger in this pie of ours... As you know, our social worker was supposed to come and do our home study this past week. Well, the day before she was supposed to come to do the home study, she found out that she has colon cancer. So sad! I've been praying for her, and you all can too ok? Anyway, the way this impacts on our adoption is that she can no longer come to do the home study. But she will prepare our report just overlooking the fact and hopefully the judge/magistrate on the day of the adoption just won't ask about it. If he or she asks about it, then we'll tell the truth. But if he or she doesn't ask, well, then we'll let sleeping dogs lie and all of that. But, the way that the timing has been a blessing to us is that we would have had to pay approximately R4000 for the homestudy to be completed, including the social worker's time, travel, etc. And now? Well, we just won't be doing it anymore! Can you believe it? Of course, I know that God didn't cause Debbie to get cancer... But it just astounds me how He knew that she would find out the day before her trip to us in the bush, and helped to pan things out that the timing wouldn't allow her to complete the study for us! And in so doing save us four thousand smackaroos! Tell me that's not God's helping us! I just praise Him all day long.

Please pray with us about the Police Clearance too? We should have had it weeks ago already, but still nothing has arrived. Will you ask God with us to sort this out for us? It's out of our hands and it's making me a bit dippy.

Anyhoo... I'll chat again tomorrow. Enjoy the last of your weekend, guys. I'm going to get back to my stocktaking. Again. Just in case I've missed something.


JamieD said...

Oooooooh . . . I am so excited for you!! I love it when you update your blog because I just grin from ear to ear.

Count yourself on my prayer list!!

Hanlie said...

hehe...I had a giggle when you said that you are going to stop working...the work only starts now!!!

Kelly said...

I hope the social worker will be OK. I hope they found it soon enough.

I think working a little is good. It's good to have a break. But, with two little ones, I think it's smart to be there. Will you have domestic help? (for example a nanny?)

Ms. J said...

z Char, would you come and organize MY accumulated stuff, LOL?!

I want to post photos for everyone to see, but it's all in disarray right now!

Keeping a good thought for you on the police clearances AND the home study "issue."