Monday, 5 May 2008

Galactogazookas and other instruments of torture

Galactogogues, guys. It's all about the galactogogues right now. Galactogogues and boob suckers breast pumps. As if my poor little, wait, make that ginormous gazookas haven't been punished enough!

I have done some research. And my mom-in-law has also. (If you ever want to know anything about natural medicine, she's the lady to ask! She knows people who know people who know things. Clever things. Like home remedies for infections. Which may or may not include nutmeg. And if you know my mom-in-law, then you'll probably have had some of those famous concoctions. With nutmeg. Feel free to send requests for home remedies - unless you’re allergic to nutmeg, that is. Me and my mom-in-law - we're tight!) Together we (mom-in-law and I) have found something called Eglolyn. And that's supposed to help me to be able to breastfeed. I must admit I was a bit scared off of the idea of popping them after I did some googling and found a few articles which said that eglolyn is the best medicine for schizophrenics. And people who suffer from depression. Well, righty ho then. Suits me just fine!

That, and an enormous instrument of torture. The box says it's an Avent Breast Pump. Me thinks they need to rethink that name. I never knew my nipples could stretch so far! That thing could suck the lava out of a volcano on the other side of the planet! My poor pointies are still recovering, and I haven’t used it in like three days. Woe betide me when I'm popping them pills AND pumping those suckers.


JamieD said...

Oooohh, I remember watching a good friend pump and I was absolutly horrified at the things that machine did to her nipples. I think I am still scarred!!

Heath said...

It takes a tough, determined, resilient woman with lots of passion to succeed to MASTER the art of breast feeding. Don't let anyone tell you it comes easy. DON'T give up, keep trying to feed for 2 weeks when baby gets there.

Frenchie said...

I know! I tried pumping (to see if I could induce lactation) before we got our son, and I was like--gadzooks! That does not look pretty.

How are you doing otherwise? Are you just going crazy trying to get prepared?

HAnlie said...

hehe...know what you mean...I hated that thing!!! Good luck!

Kelly said...

BEen there, done that.

My Goodness said...

Can't pretend that it'll be's a JOB!!

I nursed both of my babies for an entire year. It's work, no doubt.

I really admire you for giving it your all...hang in there!!