Friday, 2 May 2008

Eating Humble Pie

So, you all know of my disdain for Faceb**k, right? Call me stupid ignorant, but I never set my notifications properly, so my inbox was always getting chockablock with all manner of obnoxious requests, e.g. Zombie application invitations... (I mean???) Hatch an Egg invitations... (WHY would I want to hatch an egg???) Needless to say, I wanted to deregister forthwith. Until I found a bunch of old school friends on Facebook. And by old, I mean ooooollllldddd... as in, as you found out this week, we actually used to watch McGuyver. And The A-team. And if you remember Chips, then well, let's just say that your walking stick is going to need some polishing. And they weren't reruns either! Those were the days folks. Days when saying "I love it when a plan comes together" didn't ellicit stares of confusion from people around you.


Faceb**k. Oh yes. Huge disdain on my part. Total irritation at the number of stupid applications on there. I became quite vocal about Faceb**k Schmacebook et Cetera.

Until this week. I found one of the girls I used to au-pair in Germany ten years ago on Faceb**k (and she is just awesome and all grown up and graceful and I am SO proud to have au-paired her!) and now I am TOTALLY in love with Faceb**k! Yay for Faceb**k!!!

Can I just go ahead and say it?


I was wrong. And Humble Pie aint tasty, I'll tell you that much.


Andria and Co. said...

very cool!
Myself, I'm a MySpace kind of gal.

Strawberry_Lamb said...

can i find you on f***book and add you as a friend?

Hanlie said...


Frenchie said...

OHMYGAWD I LOVED CHiPs!!!! And McGuyver.

That's cool you found some old friends!