Monday, 29 October 2007

Blogger's Back!

Hooraaaaaaaay! Blogger is back. Apparently I am the only one on the planet who couldn't log into their blogger account because bunches of my fave fellow blogaholic posse did indeed blog in my absence. Which means it was probably just my internet dongle-thingy-me-bob that stole my joy and wouldn't allow me to blog, nor to see my emails... but DID allow me to look at FACEBOOK, of all things.
If you know me, you'll know I absolutely detest facebook. Most annoying program on planet earth, I thought. I get a gazillion invitations to join silly groups on a daily basis, e.g. Zombie, X Me... and others. I mean - just why would I want to join a zombie group? What on earth IS a zombie group anyway? Makes no sense. Just wastes valuable email downloading time (considering we live in the bush and eeeeeeeverything takes longer here in the bush. Even wireless.) when I have to sort through all these silly invitations. But, then again, I have been able to find loads of old friends on Facebook. Which makes Facebook my new best friend. Love finding old tjommies. So, I need to retract my disdain for the program *slash* website. Ugh, and I do so looooove eating humble pie.
Anyway, I was going to just check in to see if blogger was working today, and then it was. So I didn't really think about what I wanted to say. Hence the very boring post today. Instead of rambing on and boring you all to tears, I'm just going to post some pics of our weekend for you all to see. Robin and I shot down to Durbs for the day yesterday so we could visit our folkses and stretch our new 4x4's legs on the open road. Oh, did I mention we got a new 4x4? (And by NEW 4x4 I mean a second-hand el cheapo buy from a tjommie's tjommie who knows another tjommie, so it was a special deal. With a discount. And all.) But it goes like a boeing, and it actually seems to ENJOY the potholes in our plaasjapie (hillbilly) road. So we were grinning all the way. And looking down on the other cars on the road. Literally. And sneaking peaks at the contents of the vehicles we overtook. (I never knew that the 4x4 would be so much taller than our previous little car! Or that other people transport such rubbish in their cars!) Anyway, here are the pics from yesterday.


Anonymous said...

Hi Char!
Loved the picture you tagged of us on FB! Loved the pic's of all of you in Durbs..oh how I miss you my friend!

Love Zara

Anonymous said...

That little boy with the puppy is just gorgeous.

Kelly said...

I wanted to see the 'new' 4x4.
Glad you're back!