Friday, 19 October 2007

Cassidy *updated*

I'm sending out an urgent plea for prayer. It may sound frivolous to you, and probably half of you are going to say "Ag, it's just a cat" and you're probably right. But she's my cat, and she's really sick. Little Cassidy has picked up some or other bug and in the last day and a half has already lost more weight than what she'd gained in the two weeks she's been here. She is not eating, not drinking water. She's not walking. Purring. Meowing. Moving. We took her to the vet yesterday when she refused to eat. He gave her three injections, sent home mooti and special food for her, but when we even try to give her 5ml's of food, we only get 2ml's out the syringe, and most of that lands up on you and not in her mouth. She is going from bad to worse. I am sad beyond sad. Spent most of the night holding my cat and bawling my eyes out. Robin has taken her back to the vet now. I am so afraid she's not going to come back home. I've been bargaining with God all night.

Please save my cat, God. Please save my cat.
She's just a little bitty thing, but I love her so much.
I know You CAN save her, but sometimes You choose not to do the things we ask of You. Please, just this once, can You do something for me?
Please rescue this little creature that I love.
I didn't even bargain with God about Jodi-lee. I simply accepted that whatever happened, happened. I trusted. I trusted in God's plan for my happiness. Please will you guys pray with me today? It's just a cat. I know. But really, she's my kitty. And my heart's already breaking for her.

*Update* It is 12h40 now. Robin eventually took little Jazzy in to the vet as well, because he also started with the squitters. The vet treated both of them, had Cassidy on a drip for a while, and has now sent both kitties home. They are both getting the royal treatment right now: lying on my bed, on a mohair blankie, with a freshly washed and tumbled fluffy blankie on top of them both, and are dozing like contented kittens. Which I hope they are. I keep going into the bedroom and checking on them. Keep those prayers shooting heavenwards, people. Things are looking good!


Hanlie said...

Hey Char, our pets become like kids to us. I would be feeling as bad as you are if it had to happen to my little puppy dog. Hope she recovers! Love Hanlie

Aurette said...

Thinking and praying for her. Mom and Ethan said a prayer too for her... hope to hear from you soon that she has recovered.

Sue @ praise & coffee said...

Awww, I hope she feels better real soon!!!
I am sorry, I don't know why my cloud overlaps like it does...I do everything by trial and error!


LaLa said...

Oh, I hope they are feeling better and loving their "royal treatment"

My name is Jo and this is me rambling on about my life. said...

Man that suck's maybe it's terrible and they can't even talk to you and tell you how they are feeling. Hope they are getting better now.


Hanlie said...

Glad they are better! Spoil them rotten.

KarenO said...

Oh my, scary! Glad I read the end of this story first... phew! Your prayer made me want to cry, it's so close to what I'm praying lately. Thanks for your comments on my blog, I really appreciate it!