Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Moving forward

A few days ago (in the midst of cyber-nothingness, which is why I didn't tell ya'll about it) I got an sms from a friend who knew of someone who who might have three kiddies about to be placed up for adoption. They were aged a few months, 3yrs and 5yrs. In retrospect, I was surprised that I was not even remotely excited to receive the sms. Maybe it's because we've had so many false leads. SO many disappointments. So many attempts at building our family that have fallen through, that I can no longer muster up even a semblance of excitement at another "prospect." A little while ago I was beginning to feel like a scavenger, always on the prowl, my tentacles out, eagerly awaiting some news of some disaster that would leave an orphan looking for a home. And I even disgusted myself. How pitiful the realization that I was wishing some calamity to befall some family, to fulfil my desires for a child. And then, after I received the sms from my friend, Robin and I sat down and spoke about if we could or would take the three of them if we had an opportunity to. And we decided not to. An instant family is one thing. An instant family of "grown" children is another thing totally. We always said that if we adopted, it would be a baby. At the most two years of age. If possible. But taking THREE children all at once, and only one of them a baby - sjoe! The idea intimidates scares the bejibbies out of me! It makes me scared when I think of just how much of our life would change! It makes me scared of whether or not our finances would stretch to meet the needs of three extra people to care for. It makes me scared to wonder if I would cope. Full stop. My hubby is a total wizz with kids. Me? Not so much. He can handle bunches of kids simultaneously. I get the hippy creapies when there are more than a handful of them around me at once. They make me feel all out of sorts. Which brings me to the scariest realization of all: maybe I'm starting to get over my desire to have children. That must sound truly weird to all of you, especially after a lifetime so many years of pursuing the object of my desire: a baby to call my own. And also especially after the amount of money we flushed down the toilet. Along with the processed fertility treatments. After the buckets of tears shed. And the anger and frustration and the refusal to accept the inevitable. Well, maybe now I am accepting the inevitable. Maybe the idea of a future without children is no longer as scary as it was before. Maybe I'm beginning to accept it. If my hubby and I can still be so in love with eachother today as we were six (almost seven) years ago when we married, after trudging along this rocky road of infertility, then flip! we can walk the rest of our lives together and still be happy! And I don't need to feel guilty about feeling relieved. Shedding the burden of infertility is a difficult thing to do, but I'm determined to do it! There is more to life. And I'm SO going to live it.


My name is Jo and this is me rambling on about my life. said...

I can't begin to understand how you feel or what you guys have gone through. But reading your blg today made me think that you might just be ok, and for that I'm very happy!

I always wanted you to be happy, with or without.

Not that I want to trivialize you not being able to have kids at all but you only have one chance to be happy here on earth...
Love you my friend!

Kelly said...

I can't imagine adopting 3 at once. You sound like you really know yourself.

When We Were Young said...

Char, I think not adopting three at once is a very wise decision!! My goodness, that is really hard to imagine!

Your journey has pulled on my heart strings ever since I found your blog. I hope all the best for you and your dear hubby!

You are in in my prayers. May God grant you the desires of your heart, may He be ever so near to you and your husband, may He give you the wisdom, strength, and close bond in marraige for you two together to know how to pursue all that life is holding for you.

XXX Mrs Teagarden

Irritable Mother said...

"There is more to life. And I'm SO going to live it."
Amen to that, sister. Children are a blessing, but they are not life. And you have a wonderful life to live.
Are you familiar with Kathy Troccoli? She has written a book called Live Like You Mean It. I have read it twice and I think you would really like it.
Have a great day!
Love you,

Zara said...

Shew, why do you think I asked the doctor to tie my tubes after my c-section with Joash?...2's hard enough for me, I completely understand your decision! I also feel relieved that you're beginning to suffer less!