Saturday, 20 October 2007

Cassidy today

My kitty lives. And breathes. And moves. And purrs again. I am soooo grateful! Really. Our vet rocks. As does God, by the way. I am CERTAIN that if you guys hadn't been praying for my little Cassidy, we'd have had to plant her yesterday. But instead, she's walking again and purring. And eating by herself!!! Which is really the best part of all. Did you know that even an emaciated cat on the brink of death can tear the very skin off of your handsarmslegschestface when she's desperate not to get any, as in ANY, medicine or food into her mouth? You best believe it, folks. You'd be surprised at the depth of the reserves they have to draw from when a syringe is in the vicinity of their oral cavity. My oh my.

Little Cassy, I'm so glad you're getting better. Mommy loves you! (hehe! Just a wee bit of pouring-my-pent-up-love-for-my-unborn-children-onto-my-pets showing through there. Not quite qualifying for The Crazy Cat Lady yet, but getting close huh? Sigh!)
As for this sicko, I got the blood test results back today. All's well that ends well. I'm on the mend! Woot woot! You know how sometimes when things are hectic at work and you're itching for some downtime you sometimes wish to be booked off with a minor ailment? Well, I was like that. And for the record, I am SO OVER wishing I could be booked off with a minor ailment! Lesson learned. Be careful what you wish for.


When We Were Young said...


I lost a puppy once that I adored. I cried for days, could not drive myself from the vet because I was sobbing so hard. It was months before I ciould even speak of my litle dog with out tearing up and feeling that horrid knot in my throat.

God sees it when even a sparrow falls from a tree. How glad I am He loves these simple little animals He sends our way!! What a relief to know your kitty is feeling better! Not a small request at all :)! I know how much that means.

Zara said...

Hi Char, relieved to hear that Cassidy's on the mend, I know how helpless you must have felt!

KarenO said...

I'm starting your blog posts at the top, so before I go find out what happened to your Cassidy-cat, let me say I'm VERY happy that she's doing so much better!