Friday, 5 October 2007

Scaredy Cat

I've been scarce. For a myriad of reasons... But mainly because I'm a total scaredy cat! Really. My sister will testify to it, happily, if you gave her half a chance. I'm not actually one of those people who cower in a corner during a massive storm, but man, there sure is a first time for everything. That's for sure. Last night we had one of those storms that leaves you sitting in a corner shivering. And praying to the dear Lord for mercy. And I mean that literally. One minute I was merrily sitting on my couch, laptop on my (fat) lap, scoffing rusks and drinking milo, logging on so I could blog - the next minute there was one ENORMOUS thundering rumble and a lightning strike that made everything turn luminous purple... followed by pitch darkness and only the humm humm of my still-loading-up laptop. Well, needless to say, I almost left a few stripes in my brooks. And can you believe my bad luck - Robin was still at the Bush Camp attending to a bunch of hooligans who arrived yesterday for a camp. (More about that later...) so it was just me and my dawg. And both of us were trying our best to climb onto the other's eyelashes for comfort.
You know how you know you have candles, matches, torches etc. somewhere in the house? Well, so did I. I just didn't know where in the friggin house they were. Lucky for me, my nifty cellphone doubles as a torch in crises. Only thing is, the light from a cellphone makes things look really creepy. And we have lots of nooks and crannies in our house. Where monsters lurk in the dark, and all of that. Ha! I hear you scoffing! Monsters??? Well, you call them rats, I call them monsters. And they also get creeped out by cellphone lights wandering around the house in the dark. Believe me. I heard them scuttling about. I eventually gave up the fight to remain brave, went and cowered in a corner of my bedroom, with my back to the wall, my dawg at my side, and phoned my hubby to instruct him to return home so forth. I call him Batman now. Swooping into danger in the darkness of night to rescue a damsel in distress. And all of that.
So, if I'm scarcer for the next while, it's really all about the weather. Have so much on my mind, but too scared to log on while it's storming. Would hate to have my nifty new wireless thingy struck by lightning, after I waited so long for it to arrive. Oh boy, just the thought of it gives me the shudders. Which just serves to reinforce the fact that I'm indeed a scaredy cat.


When We Were Young said...

Rats! Oh no! They terrify me. I have changed blogs and writing name to protect my family privacy. I hope you will remember me :).
Writng as "Meredith Teagarden"

Amy D said...

Char! thank you so much for leaving me a messge! I have missed seeing your blog. I have you saved in favorites at my mom and dad's now! I see mom and dad a lot more since I lost internet. wink, wink