Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Butt ugly!

50 Reasons Why NOT To Get a Vitamin B12 Injection:-
  1. It's friggin sore!
  2. It's friggin sore!
  3. It's friggin sore!
  4. etc.

Seriously. What? You think I'm exaggerating? Here's the evidence. Oh, and that is a WEEK OLD bruise, just in case you were thinking I'm a real ninny.

Ahem, um, yes, that is my butt. Sorry. Didn't meant to put you off your breakfast. BUT(t), I do feel better. I am back at work, and LOVING it. Hooray for work. And getting out of the house. So maybe that kick-a** Vitamin B12 jobba worked after all. Which makes that bruise on my ugly butt totally worth it.

My kitty (Cassidy) is back at the vet again. It's been a total rollercoaster ride. One day she's looking better, the next she's not eating again, not moving etc. So we took her in yesterday and she spent the night on the drip again. Poor little pooty tat. Please keep praying for her?