Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Allow me to introduce you

...to the newest member of our family. I don't know... it seems it is our destiny to be adopting! And I'm so happy for it! She is a six month-old corgi, and we have named her Lady Louise Buttercup. She has only been with us since last night and she has already stolen our hearts. Funny how they wangle their way in huh? Oh yes, almost forgot to mention it - she's blind. And we have yet to hear her make a sound. No squeaks. No barking. No howling. Nor growling. Nothing. Just smiles and perpetually cocked ears. She's the most adorable little thing! Welcome to our family, little Lady Louise Buttercup. (Lady Louise is Prince Andrew of Windsor Edward and Sophie of Wessex's daughter, who is squint... we thought it appropriate to give our Buttercup a regal name, seeing as she's a Queen's pooch and all!)

P.S. Thanks for correcting my wayward savage mistake, Caron! Trust as Africans to maul the British Monarchy's lineage! haha!


Aurette said...

Oh my word! How many is it now? Is she yours or The Upton snr? She is very cute!

Amberly said...

What a cute puppy!

Hanlie said...

She is beautiful!!!

Geoff and Caron said...

Hi Char - puppy is cute! They have such big ears to grow into. PS - Lady Louise is Edward and Sophie or Wessex's daughter - not Andrew. (Thought I'd be the English prat who corrects you, LOL!)