Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Just call be Sicko

Vis flu bug vat's bitted bost of us here at hobe is about as buch fud as a debtal appoidbet. (I'll translate for those of you who don't speak flem-ish flu: this flu bug that's bitten most of us here at home is about as much fun as a dental appointment) And that really is what we sound like right now. Or at least, that's what we're guessing we sound like, seeing as our ears are so blocked that every syllable we speak and every attempt at swallowing is accompanied by crackling sound in our ears. Ugghhh... But the part that really grates my carrot is that we are sick, but not bad enough to get booked off from work. It's ok when you're sick enough to stay at home and watch a few movies or tackle a few novels with your cat perched on your lap and a neverending supply of cuppas beside you. But when you're not sick enough to stay home, but not sharp enough to keep working. That. Sux.
I've worked my way through half of my box of tissues just since I arrived at work this morning. And that's just on one of my nostrils. Now, I know most of you think I'm exaggerating. Tell that to the other nostril that hasn't seen a breath of fresh air in about three days now. That's how blocked it is.
Woe is me!
Eddibody got a sick dote for be?


Aurette said...

So sorry that you are sick again. I am seeing a ENT on Friday because I am tired of being ill every month! Hope you feel better soon.

Anonymous said...

Poor Char!! I hope the snot dries up quickly and you find some relief soon.

Amy said...

ugh! nothing worse than being ill during a South African winter.

If I remember rightly, Montezuma's Revenge near the Pavillion makes some excellent bunny chow - if the heat doesn't kill the virus, at least you'll have had some yummy food :-)

Thanks for stopping by - fellow Saffa's are always welcome (as well as anyone else of course).


Alison said...

hope you feel better soon...

Have you tried Traditional Medicinals Breathe Easy tea? It really helps, and it doesn't give you medicine-head.

Flossie's Follies said...

Oh my, I hope everyone is feeling better soon. Thanks for visiting my Blog. Love your cat, I was given a Blue point Siamese many, many, many years ago, named him Sunshine and he was the sweetest, he would go for walks with me and everying. Now that I found your blog will have to add you to my daily reading list.

Amberly said...

I sure hope you're feeling better soon! That does NOT sound like fun! :)