Friday, 8 June 2007

Bling n other things

I must admit I'm a little surprised that none of you chose the Holiday to Dundee option! (Myself included!) Wotsup with that? haha. Alright then. Here are the results of the poll, to date:-
  • 33% would pay off debt (borrrrring!)
  • 22% would buy a new house
  • 22% would get new boobs and a makeover
  • 11% would go on holiday
  • 11% would donate it all to charity. Really? Seriously - you would not use a single penny of it and donate it all to charity?
Wow. That's an eye-opener. That tells me a lot about the people who read my blog. According to the poll, most of you are in debt to your eyebrows, dissatisfied with your current living arrangements, have body dismorphic disorder, are overworked and in need of a holiday. The rest are so generous they'd give it all away. haha! You voted, not me! Ok, I did vote too. I couldn't resist. Any guesses what I voted?
So, anyway, it's Friday, and not a day too soon too. What a tough week this has been. And I can really say without hesitation that I am looking forward to a nice quiet, relaxing weekend. Robin is preaching this weekend. It never ceases to amaze us that whenever he has a preaching appointment, Satan tries his very best to ruin Robin's preparation week! Every single time. That just goes to show that that wily old serpent really has it in for God's Word. And is waging war against the preaching of it, wherever possible. Well, we will not be deterred. It is even more important to be faithful in the rough times than when it's plain sailing, I think. So, we'll keep going, asking God for His leading in every decision we take and His blessing over us as we try to serve Him.
I hope you guys all have a fab weekend. Take it easy! That's what I'll be doing.
Oh yes, almost forgot. I don't mind admitting that I'm a bit frivolous. And just LOVE girly things. And what with one of my Love Languages being "gifts galore", I have a semi-serious problem with eBay. I tend to want to buy myself things when I'm feeling down. Mmm... They say the first step towards overcoming an addiction is admitting that you have one. That being the case, let me introduce myself. Hello everybody. My name is Char and I am an addict. I have been clean for three months. Self-congratulatory pat on back imminent. However, I just received something I ordered on eBay last night, and am having serious withdrawal symptoms. I hear eBay calling my name! It has taken every ounce of self-discipline to avoid logging onto my eBay account and perusing their offerings today. It's a whole lot easier though, seeing as I'm flat broke. Makes it easier to "just say no" and all of that. Anyway, thought I'd show you my fab new fossil watch! Luvvit luvvit luvvit!


My previous watch was also a fossil. Believe it or not, I'm really not a brands junkie. I'm just all for bargains, which was really the determining factor in these purchases. They were about R1000 cheaper on eBay than in our local mall. Which just goes to show that either I bought cheap knock-offs (which I seriously doubt, seeing as they came with all of their pedigree papers, guarantees, original collectors tin, etc. etc.) OR the blighters selling the fossils in South Africa are all a bunch of thieves. Probably the latter. This being Africa, after all. Where was I? Oh yes - my previous watch. It had shoes on it. Lots of shoes. Hello, everybody. My name is Char and I am an addict.


So, anyway. Here's to a fab weekend, flashy bling, rehab centres and winning the lotto. Hope you have a great one!


Kelly said...

cute watch!

blackpurl said...

I love the watch!!!

Nesting For Natalie said...

Hi Char :),

Thanks for checking in to my blog! Currently, I am staying at home with my newly adopted sweetie pie, Natalie Jane.

Before the adoption I worked as Director of Women's Ministry in a non-denominational Christian church. A job which I loved dearly :).

Are you in Africa as missionaries? Is your husband a pastor?

I will be praying for Robin this weekend. How amazing to pray for someone who loves God, in Africa! The world is shrinking by the second!

The e-bay finds are gorgeous!! I am a girly girl myself and love what you chose!

Have a great weekend :).

Irritable Mother said...

"It is even more important to be faithful in the rough times than when it's plain sailing, I think."
I think so, too, Char!
I've been reading through several of your blog entries tonight and appreciate your transparency so much. You are certainly facing rough times and I pray through it all you will have confidence God is still good!