Friday, 15 June 2007


I've been avoiding blogging today, because I didn't want to be gushing all over the bunch of you, but it seems I just can't keep my mouth shut and my fingers restrained. Here I am. Gushing. I am totally euphoric! I really never expected in my wildest most overactive imaginings that I would be the recipient of such an enormous gift.
I am struck by just how unselfish Marie-Jeanne and her hubby, Brad, are. (That's Marie-Jeanne in the pic, with her son, Rourke). I just cannot fathom that she loves me this much! She is going to do whatever it takes, to give me a baby! Me, people! I'm going to be a mom, only because she loves me that much. I am so indebted to her. To them. Beyond anything I could ever repay.
Oh boy. So much gushy gushiness.
And thanks you guys, for commenting and sending so many well wishes my way. I can't wait for us to meet one day.
Oh boy. Gushing again. See how mushy I become when I'm happy? I must say, unhappiness makes for much more interesting, well-written blogs than being so dileriously happy. Oh well. Too bad for my blogging. This euphoria seems here to stay!


Sharon said...

WOW Char... What amazing news... I'm so happy for you... and I must say, you're more than welcome to gush... you definately have a good reason to! Also, seeing as I've just started blogging and you're probably one of my only REGULAR readers, just let me know if there's anything you want to know about my tips and tricks and I'll include them in the future for your perusal. (giggle)
Lots of love... me

Spanglish said...

When I saw the photo I thought it was YOU holding someone else's son. You two could be sisters. I suppose, in a way, you will be.

Gush as much as you want. It's our time for sentimental, emotional waxing.


Amberly said...

Enjoy the gushing! This is an exciting time and I'm tickled for you!

blackpurl said...

what a blessing!

Anonymous said...

Hey char and robin..i couldnt help but cry ! not only because im so happy for you both but also because God is so good !!! WOW !!you guys will make fantastic parents.take care ryan.

Kelly said...

This is amazing. I'm so happy for you.