Thursday, 21 June 2007

Queue the Applause!

Am horrified that I'm only posting after three in the afternoon! Horrified! But lucky for me, I have a legitimate excuse. Really. I just spent the last four hours, that's f-o-u-r hours people!, sitting in a queue at the Motor Vehicle Licensing Department. Which is about three and a half hours longer than I anticipated. Fortunately, I always go to these government places prepared. Just call me Eveready. Now, I'm not bragging, ya'll, but just look at my stash of emergency supplies (see left). And that is my leftovers. Yummy. And in case you thought that "flask" was H2O, ahem ahem, let me correct you. That was 500ml of pure bliss in a bottle. One. Frothy. Sweet. Homemade. Café. Laté. Baby. Which probably accounts for my distinct amusement at the fray which erupted just metres from my spot in the queue. You'd think it was World War Three that broke out there. One person (I say person, but I really mean ignoramous) who probably missed his coffee break this morning began hurling some choice verbal abuse at the person behind the counter (thank goodness for the glass-barricaded counter!) when he discovered that he had to pay an additional thirty bucks for paying with a cheque. Thirty bucks. That's less than you'd pay for a cuppa and a muffin at any coffee shop these days. And he broke into a hissy fit. And this from a guy wearing nikes. His shoelaces probably cost more. It was such a good distraction and so entertaining, I half imagined I heard the Boston Legal soundtrack playing in the background. I wasn't the only one entertained either. You should have seen the other people in the queue. We lowered our novels, folded our newspapers, uncrossed our legs, leaned forward in our seats and watched the drama unfold. Really, a standing ovation woudn't have been remiss at the end of Act 1. The grand finalé was when the supervisor herself threw her toys out of her cott, told the man in no uncertain terms that if he did not calm himself down immediately they would ignore him. Needless to say, it was HILARIOUS when he continued ranting and raving, and the two ladies behind the counter simply looked at their computer screens and pretended they were watching Oprah's Favourite Things Show. Brilliant! Hooray for the Passive Aggresives. I was mildly disappointed, though, that Security didn't come investigating. Now that would have been riveting! Eventually, the man stalked off grumbling loudly and slammed the door behind him. Which is when all hundred odd bench-warmers erupted into guffaws. Excellent.
Without a doubt, the most fun I've ever had sitting in a queue.


Irritable Mother said...

Priceless!!! You almost made me wish I could have been there waiting, too, just to witness the event myself.
Thanks for visiting my blog and for your encouraging words. I do tend to be hard on myself - God is working on me there!

Marcia said...

I can just picture it - how lovely...not!

I wanted to say about the comment you left over at my place. The reason I don't go to baby showers is not the baby aspect, it's the stupid aspect. I can't stand them dressing people up and making them do stupid things. For me it's ridiculous. I'm not an anti-baby shower activist; now, if I organise it, then there is no funny business, just gifts and food - that's it :)

May said...

Wonderful. Thre's nothing I like more than laughing at people making idiots of themselves.

Spanglish said...

Three cheers for the passive agressives!! I have never in my life thought to use the threat of ignoring someone. I've ignored plenty of people, but I've never given warning. BRILLIANT.

Melissa said...

LOVE your blog, especially this post! First of all, i can picture the whole hilarious scene, and secondly i am a Boston Legal fan and enjoy any witty reference to the show.

I came for a visit today because you commented on my blog the other day (thank you!) and it seems we have a friend in common (Alison). So i come over to your blog and the first thing i see is one of my all time favorite Bible verses!

Thank you for brightening my day with your blog!