Monday, 18 June 2007

Belated Father's Day

I missed out on a great opportunity to write something about my dad yesterday... So, I'd like to share with you things I love about my dad today instead.
It's only recently that I have really started appreciating my dad for who he is. It took me a bit longer than most people to outgrow the "teen" rebellion, if you want to call it that. My dad and I haven't always seen eye to eye. Growing up in South Africa during the apartheid years, my dad's views of politics were vastly different to mine, and even though I dislike politics immensely, and don't consider myself very "political"... we just couldn't look past each other's opinions. We clashed on pretty much everything. But quietly. We just could not understand each other. I was am quite stubborn headstrong. So is he. And both of us are quote vocal. Wow - it sounds like we lived in a warzone. Which is really not the case. We clashed. Quietly. But we still loved each other. A whole lot more than either of us really admitted.
But, recently something changed. I can't quite put my finger on it. But I just LOVE being around my dad now. I love hearing him tell stories. I love his sense of humour. I love how he smothers my nephew with love. I love that he has the most amazing willpower I've ever witnessed! He is generous. He always hugs me when he greets me. He shouts at the tv when he watches sport. He loves being with his extended family. He is the life of the party. He's my dad. And I wouldn't change him for anything on this planet.


Anonymous said...

Your dad is adorable -- he looks like a party Santa Claus.

Char said...

Yes! He's so huggable, and squishy! I love him to bits. He dressed up as Santa year before last - I should post a pic!

Sharon said...

Dad's rule!
Thanks for your comment re: Donovan, I really appreciate your thoughts...

Kelly said...

You know, I haven't always agreed with my dad, (and still don't sometimes), but he is my dad. I'm sure you are thankful for your upbringing and good example your parents showed you and that is what matters! We can't pick our parents, and I think most of us wouldn't have it any other way.