Thursday, 28 June 2007

Blind Buttercup

Poor little Buttercup has gone in to the vet today. They are going to sedate her so that they can inflate dilate her pupils and investigate whether cateract surgery would be a viable option for her. Shame, she wasn't allowed to eat since last night, so she'd been snoffling around the house looking for nibbles all morning, until we could take her in to the surgery. Shame.
It struck me again on the way, just how trusting she is. She trusts us. We could pick her up and take her anywhere. She doesn't whimper. She doesn't squeak. She just cocks her head and wags her bum. (I'd like to say she wags her tail, but we think the breeder might have been named Mrs Bobbit - there aint much of anything left at her rear end!) She sits quietly on my lap the whole journey. It doesn't matter where she's going, as long as she's on my lap. And honestly, I'm so not a doggy person - I'm a cat lover - but this little pooch has me squarely wrapped around her little finger. In a manner of speaking. I just can't ignore her little face or walk past her without giving her a rub. Forget that I'm washing my hands like fifty two times a day, because, you know... germs and all of that. It's worth it!
I sometimes wonder if that's how God doesn't feel about us? That He loved us enough to get His hands dirty to show us love. And when we curl up on His lap, it just fuels His protective instincts? He says " often I have longed to gather your children together, as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings..." Luke 13 v 34 Isn't this God we worship totally amazing?
Having Buttercup has really changed my life. God looks different to me now! And if that's the only reason "why" we were meant to get her, then that's reason enough. And so I praise God every day for her! And for Him!


Hanlie said...

Hi Char, that is why I love my doggy so much. They adore you no matter what, without question and with no conditions. She is my little baby. Hanlie

Alison Shiloh Wear said...

is Buttercup a corgi? My sis-in-law has a little corgi named dylan. He's so cute.

I like your reflection about the way God loves us. Truly amazing, isn't it, but yet we fight it sometimes...

Anonymous said...

I hope the vet finds that s/he can help little Buttercup. Can you imagine what it'd be like for your pup to see for the first time??

Nesting For Natalie said...

Hi Char,
Your Buttercup is a cutie. I hope all goes well for your poor starving pet ;)!

I also likes your reflction on God and His willingness to get dirty to be with us!

Hope your weekend goes well.


Char said...

Hi Alison :o)

Glad you popped over. Yes, little Buttercup is a corgi, and a really cute one too. She has melted my cat-loving heart, that's for sure! haha!

PS - love your cards! luvvem!