Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Going Potty!

So, it is Wednesday already. Little Buttercup has settled in nicely into her new home... although it hasn't been without it's challenges! For one thing... she can't see, so what we would normally mistake for sniffing around for a place to "potty" is just her investigating the area. Makes for annoying interesting potty training, that does. As if the sniffing sniffing sniffing isn't enough to baffle Robin and I totally, she doesn't make any noises either! So, one minute she's napping quietly beside us, the next she's up and about, walking around sniffing. Sniff sniff sniffing. So I say to Robin, "Liefie, it looks like your doggie needs to wee." (Notice how quickly ownership of said pooch changes hands. When it's potty training, neither of us claims ownership. When it's cute cuddle time, she's mine. Of course.) A lengthy negotiation of ownership ensues, whereupon one of us inadvertantly throws in the "Cummon, liefie, it's your turn. I did the last round" line. This inevitably settles the argument... custody battle discussion, and one of us stands up to lead Buttercup outdoors. I say "lead Buttercup outdoors", but what I actually mean is that we land up carrying her to hasten the process. Otherwise it's a "Come little Buttercup! This way, girl. Cummon, buttercup! This way! whistle whistle... Be careful of the table leg! Woops... don't worry, it's not so bad. This way now. Come little doggy-woggy-woofy-poofy-schnoekie-poekie! This way... No, not that way. Here! Here I am. Come on! whistle whistle...Oh, what the heck, here, let me pick you up and just carry you." Which just goes to show that she's definitely not stupid, this one. She knows exactly what side of her bread is buttered. That's for sure. And she knows how to play us too. Scaniver.
And so, we eventually get little Scaniver Buttercup outdoors for potty time. And she runs in circles. Up and down. Sniff sniff sniffing. Up and down. Backwards and forwards. This way and that. Sniff sniff sniffing. And doesn't do her business.
Until we get back indoors. Hhmmmmpphhhh...
And then out come the masks, rubber gloves, germ-detroying toilet cleaner, gag bucket and the nuclear fallout sirens. No kidding. OK, maybe just a little. But seriously, this toilet training business aint funny. I am at my wit's end knowing how to handle a six-month old blind poochie that has lived outdoors all it's life, and now thinks that any old place is good to do her business. I don't wanna smack her. Or row her. Because she just doesn't know where she is. But she doesn't make any noises at all. So she can't tell us she needs the loo. And she doesn't know her way out and in yet. HELP!
Whoever said parenting was easy was a liar! And this isn't even my baby!


Spanglish said...

Buttercup is ADORABLE. I once had a deaf dog, but never a blind one. My puppy Banjo doesn't have any special needs, but she was the worst puppy in the world and it took months and months to get her trained.

I suppose you'll have to just rely on patience. What makes Buttercup happiest? Affection, play, or food? I have three dogs, and the reward system is different for each of them. Whatever makes Buttercup happiest, for example food, give her food and praise as soon as she potties outside. She will make the connection eventually, but it may take a while.

Hanlie said...

Hi Char, I agree with the above comment. Even a non blind dog is hellish to potty train. Just be patient.