Friday, 9 November 2007


Wowee, talk about stirring up a hornet's nest! In retrospect I was definitely WRONG WRONG WRONG to post so hastily yesterday. I get one comment that doesn't go "Yay!" about my boozie issues and I'm instantly rattled. And didn't take long enough to think about what I was going to post. So, o-blog-a-holic-reading-peoples-out-in-cyber space, here's my sincere and humble apology for posting before giving some thought to what I wanted to say, and for not being gracious and kind and my usual frivolous self. I am most definitely a little bit volatile. Might very well be hormonal. Then again, I might just be a little more nervous about going ahead with the op than I actually realized. Nah... I totally DO WANT TO have the op. So it must be the former. Which wouldn't be totally unheard of, what with my hormones being the way they are. All helter skelter and all of that. But I'm not making excuses. I totally deserve to be eating humble pie.
But, even though I'm apologizing, some of what I wrote yesterday still stands. This is my blog after all. Yes, it is a public place for anyone to come and look-see, comment, and so forth. But if you're going to comment on my bloggy, then comment nicely. And please leave your name! Anonymous immediately makes me feel nervous now, so if you want me to really enjoy your comment, or take it to heart, then here's a tip for you: leave your name. Or make up a name for yourself. Anonymous right now = me not too happy.
Also, I want to apologize for saying "Yankees" or "Yankeeland" etc. I had NO IDEA that that was derogatory to anyone out there. I am one hundred percent totally-otally South African. I can say without reservation that I did not mean to offend anyone. I honestly meant it in an endearing manner, with lots of lovey-dovey feelings attached. Many of my closest friends are of the American persuasion, and seeing as none of them ever took offense at being called a Yankee, I had no reason to believe I was belittling anyone out there. Please accept my apologies for being totally toe-trodding! Truely, I thought it was like saying "honey" or "tjommie" or "pal" or something like that, but meaning American people in general. I always try to make my posts user-friendly to everyone who might be reading, and seeing as I'd noticed that my little map thingy in my right-hand column had many dots in America, I always tried to explain coloquialisms that might pop up in my blog every so often.
So, here's to easy-reading again. Here's to a fun blog, where you get to share in my life and where I get to share freely without fear of judgement or blame.
P.S. Thanks for all the comments, guys, and especially those who commented for the very first time ever, to say your say and to put my mind at ease. I love blogging and would hate to feel so intimidated by my readers that I would retract my blog from cyberspace.
And now onto other topics. I got zapped by a spider last night. Wanna see the evidence? Ugghhh... this is what I get for living in the bush:-

So, this morning it was off to the doc again for more jobbas. And lots of mooti. And creams. Now you know why I detest spiders!!!


LaLa said...

OOOO...yucky bite. Hey, it is your blog..say what you want. I think your post yesterday was very tame. I must have missed the Yankee thing...don't really get it anyway..people need to chill! I live in the the I am not a Yankee LOL

Kelly said...

I guess technically within the US, the people in the NOrtheast are the yankees. But to the rest of the world, if you are from the US, you are a yankee.

I am a transplanted southerner living in yankee territory!

Anonymous said...


That bite looks serious! Ouch!

As for your anonymous lurker, you could always moderate comments before they can be posted to your blog. Just to avoid ickiness.

The Yankee thing does not bother me. Maybe the Southern US would be offended by this term. But Northerners have been called this for years, by the South :). We don't mind.

Some people have too much time on their hands to be so critical.

Good luck with your surgery!

Much Ado said...

Ouch, that bite looks painful!

Anonymous said...

Hi I'm who you referred to as the "anonymous lurker". I'm sorry it offended you so badly, it was never my intention, I just didn't think a name would make a difference. I'm Shamila a young Moslem lady studying at U C T. And I too have had breast surgery which means my comment-(which was in a book I rec'd from a christian friend) was for me too) My breasts were heavy and I desperately wanted them lifted because I was uncomfortable with the fact that they sagged, and so that was my 21st gift from my parents. So derogatory I was not. disappointed I am.

Char said...

Dear Shamila,
I'm sorry that you're disappointed. Like I wrote in this post, I overreacted, posted before I thought, and I have apologized. I hope you accept my apolgy.I understand your disappointment. I would have been disappointed in me too! I am sorry!