Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Freshly ground

It. Is. Crazy. At. Work. Right. Now.
We have a group of kids arriving for their kiddies camps on Sunday, so it is total frenzy here this week. Fax machine spewing forth garbled faxes; telephone and cellphone ringing simultaneously; a barrage of helpers in and out of my madhouse office firingamillionandonequestionsandneedinganswersimmediately... and of course blogger's website not working all day today... Think total frustration. After yesterday's madness, I brought in some much needed artillary caffeine this morning. To control the jitters and all. I know, I know - so much for my resolution to avoid all things of an addictive nature, e.g. cyber-heaven, caffeine, etc. Not forgetting my daily dose of Oprah, of course. Oh, did I tell you about that resolution? Maybe I didn't. Not surprising, considering the whirlwind of activity total craziness here right now. So, aaaaaannnnnyway... Caffeine. I came to work armed this morning. With the good stuff. Mocha Java, baby. Perched precariously on my very overladen desk today is my cappuccino maker, complete with frother, coffee grounds, milk and the water fountain standing at attention. A really lekker bonus I hadn't really factored into the equation was what a powerful bargaining chip it would be here at work. It's all about bribery and corruption. I've had an endless stream of beggars colleagues coming to me with all manner of favours for bartering in exchange for a cuppa. Shucks! If I'd known the magical power of this sweet-smelling brew, I'd have brought it to work ages ago. Because I'm lazy like that. Why should I slave away, when there are dozens of others to do the work, I always say. Which probably accounts for a few of my fatrolls and my new fave theme song... (and they just happen to be named Freshly Ground - like, as in coffee! It's fate, I tell you!)


Much Ado said...

Ah, nothing like a good dose of caffeine!

Aurette said...

Yippee for coffee!

Kelly said...

I loved that song. Who is it?