Thursday, 8 November 2007

Dear Anonymous Lurker

I find it very interesting that almost all the comments that come up "anonymous" on my blog are usually derogatory or contradictory in nature. Very interesting. Makes me think the lurker is either scurrilous or just looking to annoy. Which makes them scurrilous anyway. Be gone, you lurker. Or identify yourself. One of the two. Otherwise I might need to close this blog to readers I do not know. Which would be sad for me indeed.
P.S. I don't mind having a good discussion, especially when we disagree a bit. Makes for interesting conversations. But this anonymous business is just plain annoying. Cowardly, really.
P.S (2) I don't expect us always to agree. I respect that your opinion differs from mine. But at least own your opinion by putting your name on your comments.
Now I'm going to make myself a cuppa coffee and hope you actually return to my blog to read my little post. Or not.


Kelly said...

good for you, Char!

Zara said...

Well, losers like that just long to be able to write as well as you do and they're taking all that writers-block-rag-stuff out on you..aggh shame man! YOUR BLOG ROCKS!!!

Anonymous said...

It is not one sweetie...there are many ‘lurkers’.
You see when you feel free to say
‘Yankees’, ect., you are not being
specific are you. So when leaving a little something for you to think about, why can’t we
be anonymous?

Sascha – Tuscaloosa

Anonymous said...

there is fantacy and then there is the truth. Possibly people are guided to help you face some gritty truthes - not for debate, but for you to consider


Anonymous said...

this blog is open to the world you share your most inner feelings you can expect to be exposed or vulnerable but we like you you have not received hate mail only a reality check i am sure


Anonymous said...

Dear dreamer, you see things from
one point of view. Look at what
we see when you share your
world. Just trying to show you
what others perceive and being
objective by being anonymous.
A closer friend.


My name is Jo and this is me rambling on about my life. said...

I just read the comment from anonymous and I totally disagree.
We live in a imperfect word and are born imperfect and to make
changes is not wrong, it merely means that we are trying to improve
on what was wrecked by sin / this imperfect world we were all
born into. And I agree 100% that only chickens hide who they are.

Stand up for what you believe if you believe in it sooo much and
admit who you are!

Kelly said...

I'm not offended by being called a yankee. I have been out of this country and I know that is just what we are called by the Brits, Europeans, Aussies, Kiwis, etc.

KarenO said...

I have a returning anonymous commenter too Char, and I've just decided that he/she should just stay out in the cold. Change your blog settings so anonymous people cannot comment... it worked for me :)