Friday, 23 November 2007


I would love to be able to say I had a valid excuse for not blogging the last few days, but really I was just totally uninspired to say anything. And you all know how rare that is for me. It's been WONDERFUL being back home at my hillbilly dump, doing nothing convalescing. Me and my ladies are feeling so much better now. This time last week was agony. So, life's looking decidedly perkier for me now. Maybe one of the boring reasons why I haven't blogged or even gone online once since I'm home (until now) was because I was really just so sick and tired of being sore all day long, and feeling like there was no end to the pain in sight. But, today things are really looking up. And bouncy. Sorry - I just couldn't resist.
But, it was also a mini-experiment for myself too. I had become a bit hooked on cyber-space lately (my addictive personality thingy), and wanted to see how long I could last without even plugging in my 3G doodab. Three days. And then my fingers started twitching I couldn't resist just checking if I had emails waiting. Listen to this disappointing total for three days worth of waiting... grand total: sixty six unread emails. Woop dee doo. And of those sixty six emails, guess how many were NOT forwards? Three. So, sorry folks, if any of your mails to me had a "fw" at the start of the subject, it was just deleted by moi. Because, really, how many "happy friends day" or "good morning" emails can you read before they become meaningless? Here's to taking my emails by the horns! Power to the people! Viva! (Some of my South African roots showing there. Ja nee.)
Thanks for the suggestions for a gift for my tjommie, guys. As much as I'd love to buy her a spa treatment, that would involve babysitters for her son while she's gone warra warra fish paste... so me thinks a barney (or some other similar equally annoying) dvd - with matching earplugs set - is the way to go. Maybe it's a good thing I never got to be a mom! Shucks... that Mommy Business is some serious stuff! Staying up all night, changing some nappies akin to nuclear waste, listening to "mama, mama, mama, mama" over and over and over and over and over and over and over again... That's some tough stuff, that's for sure. Trying on the nerves. And the wallet. And the sleep. Gawsh, I really don't know if I'd have had the metal for that kind of lifelong responsibility. Especially considering my propensity for doing fickle things like sleeping late, eating when I feel like eating, staying clean all day, smelling nice, dashing off to visit friends at a moment's notice, et cetera. It would really mean your life is TOTALLY different once you're a parent. And I'm begining to enjoy my life as it is now, thank you very much. I like having a nice, neat, quiet home.
Who am I kidding? I would have LOVED to have been a mom! But, I'm beginning to see, too, that I can also be happy as a non-mom. Thank goodness for that! A year or so ago, there was no reasoning with this silly billy. I did not even want to consider the possibility that mommydom might not be in the cards for me. I refused to accept that eventuality. But moving forward and letting it go has been the best thing I've ever done. A childless life for me, now, isn't so scary anymore.
So anyway, basically, life = v groovy for me right now.
My parents, sister, nephew and bro-in-law arrive tonight for the weekend. Should be loads of fun! They say they're missing us and life on the farm but I think they're just curious dying to see my new additions. Hee hee! I'll probably post some pics for you to see on Sunday. (Of my family etc., not the gals yet. They're still really swollen and not looking the way they will in a few weeks time. More realistic expectations of outcome only around Christmas time... so, if you're good, I might post some before and after pics only then.)
OK, I'm going to log off now. I have bunches of other people's blogs to catch up on from the last few days. Toodledoo!

PS if your housekeeping's not quite up to date and your need to have your monitor cleaned, click here!


Sue @ praise & coffee said...

I have been reading your boob updates and cracking up!

Glad that you are feeling good about not being a Mom. I wouldn't be surprised though if someday...
But for now, contentment is a beautiful thing.

Have a fun holiday season!

Irritable Mother said...

I'm with you on deleting emails that beging with FW...

And I'm wondering, was it really your goal to make me jealous with this post? All this talk of perky boobs and a clean, quiet house...I'm missing that! LOL

Spanglish said...

Perky and bouncy are always fun.

You sound like you're in a great place right now. :)

When We Were Young said...


Even in pain you did not lose your sense of humor :). I would so love to have a few things nipped and tucked, and lifted their original places! But, pain is a scary thought. How glad I am to hear you are feeling better an better.

Zara said...

Hi Char,

You're brave....I will myself away from cyber world every Sabbath and that's about all I can handle!! I think I'll take a feather out of your cap and give 3 days a try!

Love ya,