Thursday, 1 November 2007

Eager Birthday Beaver

I am renown notorious for forgetting my friends' birthdays. Especially my BEST friends, for some strange reason. In fact, I have such a reputation for it that my friends are actually SURPRISED when I wish them happy birthday ON the day. And not, say, three weeks later when they mention what great gifts they received. I know I am bad at remembering birthdays, so I've taken appropriate measures to ensure I remember. I set a reminder on my computer. And on my cellphone. And I am registered on BlueMountain's registry-thingy-ma-jiggy so they email me a week in advance and send me ecards to forward on to my soon-to-be-a-year-older tjommie. Which I always forget to send. I am so bad. Luckily for me, I am totally lovable and irresistable, so my friends can't stay cross with me for too long. Fortunate trait that. c",) Usually they've forgiven me in time for my own birthday. Thank goodness!
So anyway, one of my New Year's resolutions this year was to make sure I remembered my friends' birthdays. I'm not really a New-Years-Resolutions kinda gal, seeing as I've had the worst luck with a few of my resolutions; like these:-
  • Will lose weight - at least 24 kg's (2002, 2003, 2004, etc.)
  • Will drink less coffee (1942 to date)
  • Will have baby (2002 to date)
  • Will write a book (1993 to date)
  • Will find old school friends who I've lost contact with (thanks to Facebook I can tick this one off the list for next year!)
  • Will achieve worldwide fame
  • Will be more patient with self
  • (And hubby)
  • Will befriend the neighbours (Our neighbours don't speak English. We don't speak Zulu. Might provice difficult, this one.)
  • Will not smoke (I added this one because I have to succeed at at least one, and I've never smoked, so that's an easy peasy one to do!)

So, anyway, back to the birthday saga. There's one person who's birthday I NEVER forget. Maybe because he was my first love and all of that. But we are still tjommies*, and have *marginal* contact with eachother, so as not to ruffle anyone's feathers. Because people can't seem to understand that you can still be friends with someone (a few years) after you've broken up. But I digress.

Where was I? Oh birthday thingies. So, yesterday, Feeling-So-Good-About-Remembering-The-Birthday Char sends text message to MFL (my first love):-

Happy birthday you old fossil! Hope u're gonna chow some chocolate cake today. Pity u're not here with us on the plaas** going quading... Luv us 2 xxx

Get text message back from MFL within seconds:-

Howzit. Thx for the message. The big day is TOMORROW. The plaas jollers*** are still using the 1983 calendar! Some people... Jokes. Love to everyone. Take care. Thx again.


Haha! What? Isn't today the first? Are you sure??? Haha! And I was just sending you a sticky note on facebook too.

(Facebook = new Best Friend Forever!)

MFL replies:-

You droll****! Jokes. Haha. Life is, ja, slow that side...

Clearly. c",) BUT, score major extra points for being Overeager Beaver and sending birthday greetings ONE WHOLE DAY in advance, for sure. Much better than forgetting, not so? Now, if only I can remember where I put my coffee mug...

Glossary of South African slang:-

* Tjommies (pronounced "chaw-mees") = friends

** Plaas (pronounced like "cars" but with a "pl" instead of the "c") = farm

*** Jollers (pronounced "jaw-liz") = people having fun

**** Droll (pronounced "drawl", but with a short "aw" sound) = a term of endearment for poo


Aurette said...

LOL - I thoguht that only happens to me.... I worry about you... you have been living on the farm too long.....

Anonymous said...

Plaasie has forgotten her Afrikaans too, lol! Plaas = farm!
Ek kan nog onthou en ek bly nie eers meer in did land nie. Ek spot net, weet dis net 'n foutjie!
Lekker bly,
'n Ou Maatjie (Caron)

Sharon said...

Oh Char...
I just LOVE your blog!
Lots of love...

Zara said...

Who was your first love!?....that's all I want to know after reading this blog, don't care if you don't remember my birthday, makes me feel better about being the same way!

Char said...

Hahahaha! "Anonymous" (Caron), you are a LIFESAVER! Once before you rescued some pie from off of my face. hehe! See what happens when you copy and paste a line, then edit it's contents??? Fanx tjommie! Jy's bo-baas!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Char said...

Hello "Los Lappie" commenter (anonymous)... I've deleted your comment. Because I can! c",) and because it totally goes against the spirit in which my post was written. PS it helps also if you identify yourself. I might be less inclined to delete your comment.

Hanlie said...

Hey Char, now i'm curious as to what the comment said that you deleted...hehe...but enjoyed your blog.