Friday, 16 November 2007

The novelty died *updated*

OK, I'm suffering from sense of humour failure now. I really thought by now my boobs, or more specifically, my right boob, would be less sore by now. On Monday on the drive home to my friend's house from the hospital, we hit a couple of potholes that left my right boob really sore afterwards. I thought it would die down, but this right boob of mine is just plain friggin sore. All. The. Time. The best way I can describe it is like a toothache, that is a dull achey pain all the time, but throbs every now and again, and twinges when I use my arm too quickly. So I am popping painkillers all the time and hoping it's nothing too serious. I have my follow up appointment with the surgeon on Monday morning (sort of for an alignment, tee hee!) but when I phoned his practise the receptionist said it sounded like "phantom pain". Phantom pain my oo-all! I'm just sick and tired of it now. Sore. Sore. Sore. I wasn't actually going to tell you about it, seeing as this is self-inflicted pain and I volunteered for it and and and... I didn't want a bunch of "well you deserve it" comments... but we all know how good I am at keeping things from you guys.
Other than that, all is well in the land of deep cleavage.
My hubby arrived last night and it's absolutely heavenly having here with me. He is, um, impressed with my new additions! hee hee.
Hope you guys have a wonderful weekend.
Me? I'm going to be topping up on some good painkillers.

I just got back from the surgeon. He took one look, had a fiddle here and a fiddle there, opened the drains, pulled one long clot out one of them, and it was like INSTANT pain relief. I am totally painfree now, people. No pain whatsoever! Can't even begin to tell you what a huge relief it is! HOORAY!!!


Tamarynn said...

Shame couz. Glad to hear you doing much better.

Heath said...

Have you seen this website?
Really interesting! (no bad stuff)