Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Keeping you abreast of the situation

I am sooooooo excited! I have big news, people. As in BEEEEEG. Kind of like how my boozies will be in a week's time. Yes, oh yes, o-blog-reading-ones, I have my boob-date set!!! Monday is the big day. Goodbye bee stings, hello boozies. Hello bikinis. And string vests. Adios padded bras. Bring on the bounce.
This time next week I will already be recovering from my breast augmentation surgery grinning from ear to ear! And resting at my friend's house in Krugersdorp, which is where the surgeon and the private hospital are. Woot woot! Dream come true. A bra-burning session may well be necessary after my surgery, once I'm back in Dundee with my boozies in hand attached.
Watch this space. I might just post a few before and after pics. If you're very good. And don't leave nasty comments.
And now, an ode to my humps my humps boozies...


Tammy said...

Good Luck Couz! I hope its not too sore. I hope all goes well and that it comes out as expected. Or should i say "they". Ha Ha. All the best.

anita said...

I am sooooooo happy for you - trust all will go well - Who knows I might just also follow !!!!!!! I just love boobs that is visible!!



Kelly said...

I have heard it is a painful recovery. Good luck! My friend is glad she did it, though.

May said...

Well this is exciting! Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Good luck. May you enjoy a long, long life with your new perky set.

Irritable Mother said...

Char, you crack me up!
And, hey, if your bras are small enough and you don't want to burn them, you can send 'em over to me. LOL!!!
I trust it will go well for you.

Zara said...

Just like I tell my participants: "No pain, no gain!" Hope you're happy with your new boobs!

Aurette said...

Hi there Char! The day has finnaly arrived then.... I hope they are what you expected! I hope Rob enjoys them too, hee hee.
Love you lots! Will chat soon!

Hanlie said...

Hey Char, almost fell off my chair when I got your sms. Wanted to chat with you on-line, but was not able to connect with you. Good luck my friend, you are a brave woman. Hope all goes well.