Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Going bust

Apparently the recovery for The Boobies is going to be hell on earth quite sore. I am generally such a ninny, but even excruciating agony will not keep me from going for this op! No pain, no gain and all of that! (Zara, you rock!) Oh, and apparently I will not be allowed to fall pregnant for at least six months afterwards. Haha! Very funny. I will also not be allowed to go fufi-sliding or bungee-jumping or horse-back riding for at least six weeks. Haha! Also very funny. Because, clearly I am the very active type who loves doing all manner of adrenalin-inducing sport. Haha! Soooo funny.
So anyway, last night I had a rummage through my closet to look at my blouses and figure out which would be worth keeping and which would become a bit snug with the improved d├ęcolletage. Sadly, not many of them are discard-able... (And I was so looking forward to buying a whole new wardrobe too!)… seeing as I’ve pretty much always stuffed my bra with all manner of thingies to give me some shape… from wads of tissue when I was too young and shy to buy padded bras, to the awesome new very padded boozie-hangers at my fave stores lately. So the way I look now with all the sponge in my bra is pretty much how I will look after the surgery. Minus all the stuffing in my bra of course. Well, maybe a little more roundness too, and less ski-slopey-ness. More all-round squishiness et cetera. Yay!
Five more sleeps till The Boozie Bonanza!


Anonymous said...

just thought i'd share an interesting article i read in a michelle mckinney book. she says we would never stand with an artist in front of his paintings and criticize it. yet we'd dare to stand in front of the mirror in the very presence of our Creator and criticize and change His creation. rather interesting don't you think?

Kelly said...

I disagree with the anonymous lurker. Why can't you criticize a creation? I think God is big enough and secure enough to hear us out!

I wonder if this anonymous person has ever colored his/her hair or anything like that?

Interesting, don't you think?