Monday, 12 November 2007

Me and my boob-do

Yay! I get my boobs in three hours time! Am beyond excited now. Not nervous anymore. I get booked in at 12h00, surgery at 14h00, sleep the night and book out tomorrow morning about eightish nineish. Woot woot! Yay for boobs! Am going to a private hospital for the sugery so, it should be groovy. Not that I'm really going to have an appreciation for my environment once I have my boobs and all... my eyes might be a bit more prone towards my new, um, additions. You know. Very verrrryyy excited now.
The doctor is awesome too, just so by the way. Not an old toppie or hoity-toity or anything. Very relaxed, but comes highly recommended. I honestly have NO reservations about the procedure or about anything. I even said to the doctor that the only thing more he could do that would make me extra happy would be to put a hot water bottle in my bed after the surgery! Tee hee... he said he'd do even better than that and put a "bear hug" on me or something like that. Apparently it's a really fluffy blankie that blows out hot air! Awesome. No cold feet for me!
Just wish my hubby was also here... Otherwise, this is one happy chappy.
So guys, I'll be chatting again maybe tomorrow, maybe the next day ok?
Here I go.