Sunday, 11 November 2007

One more sleep *updated*

So, today is my last day as sponge-stuffing Char! Woo hoooo! This afternoon I drive up to Johannesburg with friends who spent the weekend here in Dundee on the farm, and I'll be gone for two weeks. Tomorrow it's surgery, and then recuperation afterwards. I am still not nervous. At all. Just really excited. But I'm going to miss my hubby something terrible! He can't go with me, seeing as we have two major kiddies camps in December to prepare for, and my boss (honey that he is!) said I could go no matter how busy things are at work right now. How do I thank him for being such a groovy boss? He actually said Robin could go too, but we refused. We are a three-man-team, and if two of us disappear just weeks before two major camps, then what's going to happen with the preparations? So, these next two weeks are going to be hard for me, not seeing my gorgeous man every day...
I will try my best to blog and to get emails and things, but I don't know if my 3G thingy will work at my friend's house... It should work, being Johannesburg and all! The biggest city in South Africa. If it's going to work anywhere, then it should work there! If it doesn't, sjoe!, I don't know what I'm going to do without being able to blog!
So, peoples, here's wishing you a wonderful two weeks, just in case. Wooot woot! Sooooo exciting!

OK, so it's two hours since I wrote this post, and now my bags are packed and I am ready to go. All of a sardine I am SOOOOO nervous I am actually shaking. My shattered nerves! Might need a few sedatives. And a couple hundred pots of coffee. It's not that I'm second-guessing my decision to have the op... I'm just scared of waking up afterwards and being really sore! Which is totally unavoidable, but still hectically scary! Like as in scared out of my flipping wits! EEK!


KarenO said...

Wish I knew you well enough to come say hello in the hospital, but I'll be sending lots of good thoughts your way from Pretoria! :) thinking of you!

Kelly said...

good luck, Char!

Tamarynn said...

Good Luck Charmaine.
We are all thinking of you here in the windy city of Port Elizabeth.
I speak on behalf of the fandamily here. We wish you all the best and we love you lots.