Tuesday, 13 November 2007

No Booboo's for me!

I am home, with my new 400cc's of boobs and a big bag of pills! I am soooooo excited! I can't tell you how awesome it is to have cleavage, baby! There is actually a valley between my boobs, people. A VALLEY! I was anticipating total agony, but this isn't even really really sore. A bit uncomfortable, but otherwise totally manageable. With pills. And coffee.
My shattered nerves, I must tell you about my experience in the ward! I was in the geriatric ward, with six beds, so there were five other grannies ladies in the ward with me. It was obvious they weren't there for plastic surgery. If you know what I mean. They were all sixty and older. With really chronic cases of flatulence. If you want to know why I didn't get much sleep, then there's your reason. The one lady was even grossing herself out with the stench. Seriously! At one stage I thought I should ask for a gas mask. And they don't even try to fart quietly. Well, let's put it this way - if they were trying to do so silently, then pursuit of excellence surely isn't their strongsuit. And I mean that as kindly as is humanly possible, while holding your nose shut.
Needless to say, me and my nose are both ecstatic to be at my tjommie's home again. As for my two new gals, they are gaaaaaawjus, doll. I've named them Dolly and Pammy. I luvvem luvvem luvvem. I can't believe I actually did it. So many years of bemoaning my bee stings. And now it's all over. I have bazookas now, baby. Really round boozies. I can't believe it. Granted, they are still really swollen and a bit really sore right now, but man oh man. Words fail me. I. Have. Boobs.
And that's all I have to say about that.


CC said...

Welcome to the boozie club Char!!! Enjoy your new friends oh shall I say Robin enjoy the girls!!!! hehehe. Glad all went well lots of love from us aussies

Hanlie said...

Hi Char, I still can't actually believe that you did it. I keep waiting for you to say April fools or something like that. hehe... Can't wait to see the result. Rob, enjoy! That's all I can say for him. Keep well, and hope the pain is not to bad. Love Hanlie

Tamarynn said...

Howzit. Congratulations Couz.
Cant believe you went through with it. You being pieperag and all. Ha Ha. Anyway, hope all goes well with the healing and stuff.
Love ya lots.

Aurette said...

Glad you are not in any pain! Enjoy your R & R with Riana, and we will see you soon!

My name is Jo and this is me rambling on about my life. said...

Okay so it's official I can no longer say we are in the same boat. Congrats I'm sure they'll bring bothof you loads of pleasure!

Sharon said...

Congrats Char... I know you've been looking forward to this... must admit I'm a little jeolous!! Hehehe...
Lots of love

Yvette said...

Congratulations! I just found your blog today and have enjoyed your spirit and enthusiasm. Just curious, what size were your "beestings" before and what are your "girls" now? Look forward to hearing how much you love them in six months!

Irritable Mother said...

I have a friend who had breast cancer this summer and she just posted on her Care Page that she goes in for surgery Thursday to get her Bionic Breasts put in. I read that and thought, I have to go check on Char!
So glad I stopped by! You have me rolling on the floor laughing.
I'm glad surgery went well and you're enjoying your new look!