Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Extreme Make*ver, Bakkie Edition

Thought you might like to see what we've been getting up to at work the last few days... These are pics of the Bush Camp's bakkie (that's "pick-up" for Yankeeland-inhabitants) that we decided to renovate as an advert for two kids camps we're hosting in December. You should see the reaction when we're driving down the road in our new rig!


and AFTER:

Arr arrr ye maties! Ahoy! Ye be invited to join us as we seek ferrrr treasurrrreee... (Going to be loads of fun. Can't wait!)


Spanglish said...

Holy Bakkie what a gorgeous makeover!!

Much Ado said...

Wow, that is so cool! I started thinking could we do that with our Picasso for our student camp.....but it's just not the same....we need a truck!

anita said...

Wow it is one very unique and only bakkie in the whole world - I just can not wait for Junior Fest - I almost feels like a child again!!

Alison Shiloh Wear said...

what a fantabulous idea! it looks great. hope the kids camps go well.