Friday, 27 April 2007


It's my birthday today! Yippeee! And it's Freedom Day in South Africa, which means that I get to have a public holiday every year on my birthday. And it's a long weekend - most people are taking Monday off, because Tuesday is the 1st of May, which is also a public holiday. And I have friends visiting for the long weekend. And they brought pressies. And I got to eat a fat slice of vanilla cake smothered in caramel. And I got bunches of emails and text messages and phonecalls from my friends overseas. And I've come to the conclusion that life really is good! Yay!
And I've taken a decision to go for the anointing from Angus Buchan, and I am beyond excited about it. This is the best part of my birthday. Either way, this is my last birthday as a non-mommy. And I'm loving it!

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