Wednesday, 11 April 2007

I have it good!

I have just realized just how darn good I have it. Life, that is. I have a brilliant life! I am very happily married to an amazing man who loves me in spite of me being me. I am surrounded by fab friends and family. I love our home. We have no money worries, really. I love my job. I am very talented in two areas, and satisfyingly untalented in others (like ball skills). The only glitch in my otherwise fab life is this infertility thing. And really - that's not life threatening! And it's beat-able. So, what am I so upset about? There are solutions to this thing. So, I've decided to lift my lip off of it's spot where it's dragging on the floor, pull up my socks and cheer up. No more navel-gazing for me. I won't be sending out any more invitations to my pity party. Consider the party indefinitely postponed.
See, I was catching up on some of my blog-reading. Like you, I love reading people's blogs. And I just read that one of the bloggers I read regularly has been diagnosed with brain cancer, and given about 3 years to live. And guess what her reaction is?
I know that glioma is cancer. I know that it is treated with neurosurgery to remove the tumor, and radiation and chemo. I know that I am scared completely out of my mind right now, for me- my family- but mostly my precious children. The things that go through your head when you are told something like this will bring a mother to her knees. I dont want to miss out on their lives.
I also know that I serve an amazing God who is the master physician- and I trust his perfect hands.
I also believe in the same God she does. I also believe that He is the master physician. The difference between Especially Heather and me is that she already trusts His perfect hands. I'm still learning how. I remember that He has a perfect plan for me to find happiness in Him [Jer 29 v 11,13]... I just need to believe it again.

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