Wednesday, 11 April 2007

Hurry up and wait

This is the story of my life, I think. Hurry up! and then wait...
First it was the donor eggs and IVF story and having to wait till the 15th of May for my first appointment. I must admit though, that those doctors who do the treatment look seriously dodgy! I looked at their website and although it's all pretty much above board, and even though they are well-renown, etc. they still look dodgy to me. I would post a link to their website, but I don't want a lawyer beating down my door for slander. So, let's just leave it at Dodgy Docs.
And now it's the adoption thingy too. The one South African agency that I've found that does adoptions from Russia just emailed me to say that their international adoptions department is currently on hold. They will only be re-opening it at the end of April. Grrrreat. But why would their international adoptions be on hold? What does that mean? Are they on holiday or what? Don't they know there are some seriously desperate serious wannabe-adopters out there? Like me. I am a seriously desperate serious wannabe-adopter. I wannababynow!
Uggghhhhh... I was never any good at waiting. And now I get to specialise in it.

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