Sunday, 4 March 2007

I have done it!

Usually when I'm getting ready to sit and blog or write emails or chat online, I run and put some tea on the boil, so I can sit and relax and read and relish without getting halfway and thinking - Mmmmm.... I shoulda made myself a cuppa tea! And now that we've officially stopped fertility treatments, I am back on my beloved's: cappuccinno's by the minute :o) Not that I'm an addict, mind! No - never that! Just love the smell n the yumminess. Hell, I'd take it intravenously if it were possible! Mmmmm - not an addict? OK, maybe just a little. The only problem is, I like my cappuccino's and my tea's REALLY sweet, strong and white (like my men! haha). So it gets me in trouble with weigh less. Yes, believe it or not, I am on that horrible, icky, diet. But, seeing as I've gained... ahem ahem... gasp gasp... TWENTY kg's since I'm married... Ew ew! I'm becoming a right fatty! I squawk when I look at my wedding dress and realize I actually used to fit into that! No. Gross. I've become soooooo lazy and it's really only my fault I'm all dodgy podgy.
So, here's what I did. On Friday after work, I went and paid the R750 registration fee to become a gym member (again! - my last membership expired because I neglected to use my membership more than 12 times a year! hahaha). But this time I was clever. See, I know myself well enough to know that I would rather feign life-threatening illness than actually go to gym. So, this time I booked myself a session with a personal trainer, which is actually going to cost me money. So now I have to go, because I'm meeting someone there who is going to take my money regardless of if I rock up or not. I may not be a mizer, but shucks - those personal trainers are EXPEEEEENSIVE! So, guess what I'm doing on Wednesday afternoon? Booo hooooo hoooooo.... I think I feel some angina coming on!

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