Friday, 30 March 2007


Doesn’t it also make you murderous annoy you intensely when someone phones you (especially on your landline and not on your cellphone) so early in the morning that you wake up thinking “Who died?” because surely that would be the only reason why someone in their right minds would phone so early? I must admit it really gets on my nerves. Just this morning, while the sparrows were still farting in their fluffy nests, I was awoken by one such phonecall. Instant adrenalin rush. I toss the duvet (and the cat lying on it) onto the floor, race through the house with my heart pounding and breathlessly answer the phone screeching “WHAT HAPPENED?” no doubt giving the caller the fright of their lives on the other end too! This is the critical moment now. I can hear my heart doing the lambada and I desperately want to hear a “Sorry, nothing’s happened” but at the same time I am challenging them to say it. Because when they do, I want to blast them for phoning at such a ridiculous hour.

This morning it was a timid little old granny’s voice on the other end of the line. I probably took about 42 years off of her life when I answered! Now, how can I shout at a little old granny? Granted, I’ve never really shouted at anyone, granny or otherwise, who phones at such a stupid time… but I’ve really wanted to. Guilty as charged, of intent to throttle. Yes, she asked a zillion questions that could just as easily have been asked two hours later. Yes, I was rattling with unspent adrenalin. And yes, I went straight back to bed afterwards, where it took me about fifteen minutes to settle back into slumber. It’s hard to fall asleep when you’re cross!

And then, I awoke at 08h01. I start work at 08h00. Yes… adrenalin rush numero two. (What is two in Spanish? Doss or something?) So here I sit… still rattling with adrenalin, wishing desperately for a beloved and for my bed. And now the internet doesn’t want to work. Lovely.
Thank Goodness it’s Friday!
P.S. An ode to Friday: click here (and turn up the volume)


Anonymous said...

Hey Char, I think your video clip refers to everyday at 4:30 and restricted to only on Fridays! You must know how I feel if the phone rings and Ethan wakes up.....! Lets not go there...
Love you lots! Aurette

Hanlie said...

Love the vid! Hanlie