Thursday, 29 March 2007

The Names of The Babes

My god-son, Caleb, is being born today, to one of my fave cousins, Sharnay, and her hubby Kevin. Kevin reckons labour is like fishing: patience patience patience! haha. I know a few friends who've given birth recently who would have a lot more descriptive expletives adjectives to use! haha.
So today my mind is in Port Elizabeth, wondering how Sharnay is doing. I can't wait to hear that little Caleb has arrived.
Have you noticed that it's a Baby Boom at the moment? It's just babies left right and centre. Every second day I'm posting another blog about another friend having another baby. It can become rather confusing! It's a little inconsiderate don't you think? I mean, couldn't they have consulted eachother before they conceived? Just a little ok, you're due in Feb, I'll go for March, you in April etc. Haha! Just kidding.
Just yesterday I got the cutest video clips from Quinton and Christine in Brisbane, of their newest little babe Keana, with one of their other daughters Paige. And me, being the excitable silly billy that I am, I immediately sent them an email that went something like this:

Thanks for the groovy video clips you sent! Little Paige is just the cutest thing! :o) ... [blah blah blah... etc etc... warra warra fish paste... etc etc... and then:] The pics of little Noah are so peaceful... who knew she had such a loud voice! haha.

Oh my! Imagine my embarrassment when I received a message from Christine saying (and I quote)....

Oh yes, by the way, in the email you sent me my baby's name is KEANA not Noah! Come on girlfriend get with the program.

Hahahah! I'm still crimson. See? I'm so bad. I'm bad with names to begin with... but throw a bunch of new babies onto the planet all in one foul swoop and I'm bound to get their names all jumbled up. Hahahah! I'm terrible!

So I've come up with a plan. 'n Boer maak 'n plan! Henceforth, all new arrivals will be dubbed The Baby. Short and sweet. Sweet and simple. No room for confusion. Silence can't be misquoted, but silence isn't an option for me with my big mouth. So, The Baby it is.


Edited to add:

P.S. I just remembered another really embarrassing time I got names confused. For many years I dated a really groovy guy named Shaun. And while Shaun and I were together, Robin and Debbie were together. About a year after Robin and I broke up with our respective exes, Robin and I started dating. It was on one rather romantic occasion that I hugged Robin and said: "I love you so much, Shaun!" Hysterical laughter! Splatter splatter! Gasp gasp! Shock horror! Where is the Rewind button when you need one?!? Well, lucky for me, about two weeks later, Robin said to me, "Deb, you're such an awesome lady! I love you so much!" hahahahaha! Phew! I was so relieved! hahaha! So, those two incidents cancelled eachother out, and we were even stevens. hahaha. So, you see? I wasn't lying when I said I really am B-A-D with names.

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